Analog Multimeter Reviews- Buyer’s Guide + Reviews 2022

You don’t have to be an electrical engineer to appreciate the value of a multimeter. This widely used device is your go-to requirement whether you are working on your home appliances or your needs relate to auto repair and maintenance.

And if your needs are industrial, you would want safer and more accurate meters specially designed for use in industrial settings. These analog multimeter reviews are going to help you find the best multimeterOpens in a new tab. out there.

For now, we maintain our focus on this basic equipment whose primary function is testing for home appliances and car circuitry.

These seven multimeters have one common quality – all of them are analog. So, you get an old-fashioned reading on a relatively smaller scale.

Product nameImageFeature 1Feature 2Price
Triplett 3018 Model 310
Easy-to-read scalesDrop-resistance caseClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Gardner Bender GMT-312 Analog Multimeter
Multi functional analog meterInternal battery testingClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Sanwa Em7000 Analog Multimeter FET TesterGENUINE
High frequencyHigh accuracyClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Simpson 260-8XI / 12395 Analog Multimeter VOM
Drop protectionEnhanced visibilityClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Pro’sKit MT-2017 Analog MeterRobust protected caseFoldable designClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
HSP5 5 Function Analog Multi-Meter by Sperry InstrumentsCompact lightweight designLow priceClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Hioki 3030-10 Manual Ranging Analog MultimeterProvides accurate readingsMeets International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) safety standardClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.

1. Triplett 3018 Model 310

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When you think about a multimeter, the first thing that comes into your mind is multi-measurements, fuse resistance, and protection against accidental overload.

Bear in mind, Triplett model 310 analog meter is providing you assurance of all these requirements. Triplett 310 hand size analog meter competes against the flexibility and performance of larger, more exclusive bench-size models multiple.

The features of Triplett model 310 are 20,000 ohms per volt DC sensitivity and 5000 ohms per volt AC. The measurements include AC/DC voltage of up to 12000 volts, DC up to 0.6 Amp, and resistance up to 20M ohms.

Model 310 has 18 different ranges that can be easy to read on three defined scale areas. There is a selector switch that gives you the option to switch from one range to the other range and from one function to another.

Tripplet Model 310 meter comes protected with a drop-resistant case to ensure its stability.

Model 310 performances are excellent in deducing the noise and short signal transients that are otherwise neglected.

  • This multimeter does not use its battery in measurements except in the resistance range while other multimeters use up battery in all measurements.nAccurate and more reliablenRapid work outnProtected with fuse resistancenUser friendlynDrop resistance stabilitynHand-sized multimeter, easy to carry nTrusted brand
  • Costly. You have to bear in mind the cost before getting this analog multimeter.

2.Gardner Bender GMT-312 Analog Multimeter:

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If you want to measure different units for multiple tasks you would choose this Gardner Bender GMT-312 Analog Multimeter. It is used to test if the electrical equipment is fully installed and working properly and safe to use or not. If there is some fault in an installation it can be detected when you use the test equipment.

You have to manually select its range. The zero ohm adjustment dial makes the resistance measurement more accurate.

One of the cool properties of the multimeter is its ease of reading. You can easily read measurements on its thanks to the display of this device that is color-coded. It shows DC/AC volts to 500 volts, DC to 250 mA, and resistance to 1 Mohm.

The device comes with fuse protection that works against current and voltage overload.

It is a multifunctional device. It can also perform internal battery testing, outlet testing as well as circuit breaker testing. There is a helpful manual in it to help you get started. In case you want more information, you can tap the knowledge base of the user community of this multi-tester.

So if you are a homeowner or crazy about the circuits and batteries and you want to buy a multi-functional analog meter at a reasonable price GMT-312 analog multimeter is one of the best options for you.

  • Its 13 position rotary dial offer ranges for AC and DC voltage and DC current. Its decibels (AC voltage) ranges between -20 and +56dB.nMultipurposenEasy to usenPortablenTrusted brandnBudget-friendly
  • Fine printnNot suitable for complex tasks

3. Sanwa Em7000 Analog Multimeter FET TesterGENUINE

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If you are a professional in your field, the Sanwa Em7000 analog multimeter is the best choice for you because of its highly sensitive electronic testing. Its high input resistance gives rise to the ability to measure higher frequency. The highest AC frequency this scale can measure is 1MHz.

Its best part is its galvanometer which does not take input directly due to its transistor which amplifies the current. In the end, this process of amplification translates into a higher degree of durability. Standard multimeters have no amplifier for higher voltage input.

In Sanwa Em 7000 multimeter Ac voltage can be shown in peak to peak between positive and negative sin waves as well as it shows the small waves. The speed of the needle requires only three seconds in detecting and reaching the right measurement on its scale.

There are 5 dual polarity DCA scales and 8 dual polarity DCV scales. This device is very accurate and you can safely rely on the AC, DC, and ohm measurements it gives you.

  • Its meter uses an internal battery while other multimeters don’t use internal batteries.nPortable devicenWide frequency rangenEasy to readnCan do diode testnDurablenTrusted brand
  • Not for beginners

4. Simpson 260-8XI / 12395 Analog Multimeter VOM

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User Safety assurance is a key factor to making a meter more reliable, Simpson 260-8XI multimeter is one of the best multimeters which is made up of durable plastic case which elevate drop protection in a difficult situation.

It is a self-shielded meter that provides shock resistance by its meter movement. Its scale is mirrored made up of tri-colored dialed for preventing error.

Simpson 260-8XI presents all of the advantages which are present in Simpson 260-8 as well as many other new safety features which are already defined.

Simpson 260-8XI performs more than 20 dimension ranges for DC current, and AC voltage, and current resistances. There is an audio alarm generator built-in in it that will emit an audio sound right after the continuity of a circuit check is completed.

With Simpson 260-8XI you will also find, two batteries, a set of two LED leads with its alligators and a readable manual from where you can learn how to operate it for testing and measurements.

In conclusion, its features of self-shielding, audio alarm, and bright yellow color present Simpon 260-8XI as more reliable and different from the other multimeters.

  • Reliability
  • Accuracy assurance
  • Continuity test alarm
  • Built-in self-shielding
  • Drop protection
  • Can be costlier than other simple analog multimeters
  • Not for beginners

5. Pro’sKit MT-2017 Analog Meter

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Pro’s Kit MT-2017 is one of those multimeters which takes a person’s attention due to its reliability, accuracy, multiple functions, and advanced protection.

This multimeter can perform several tests such as measurement of DC/AC voltage, DC +/-DCV, resistance and Diode, transistor, continuity testing, capacitance with high sensitive movement, LED, and Decibels. Pro’s Kit MT-2017 is well designed with its dual-side glass protection and well-designed circuitry. And its aluminum dial plate is mirrored so you can easily read its measurements.

It gives protection along with two fuses for overloading and misusing. The two fuses that ensure this protection include Oxide Varactor and Diodes.

There is a battery cover of 9V and 1.5 volts is given separately which can make it easy to remove or replace the fuse and battery. There are gilded test leads of 1000V 10A is attached to it which is more suitable for testing.

Its robust protected case gives the best protection. It is a back tilt device that is adjustable with a hook-up design. A strong magnet pointer Jewell movement is built-in.

Its foldable design and connection design make it easy to use. The range selector of its front panel control is on the switch-off mode by default. You have to turn it on before taking measurements or testing.

There is a manual book in it as well from which you can learn how to use it. Therefore Pro’s Kit MT-2017 is an ideal multimeter for indoor use in different areas.

In short, if you want all these qualities in a single instrument then don’t waste your precious hours, it’s time to make a decision.

  • Attractive desig
  • Multipurpose
  • Accurate, reliable
  • Trusted brand
  • Easy to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Takes time getting used to it as this is a bit different from other models.

6. HSP5 5 Function Analog Multi-Meter by Sperry Instruments

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When you construct your house you want to use the best material in it which assures you durability and safety.

Here Sperry instruments HPS 5 analog multimeter is the best detector of un-energized, un-shielded wires and cables which are installed in your walls. The multimeter discriminates multiple wire combinations. It checks if the wire setup is proper and safe to use.

A defective system can be dangerous. The order of electrical installation can be tested with the use of a test device. To help you with this need, Sperry instruments offer you a modern line of test tools designed to make electric work quicker and safer.

There is a test leads input icon from where you place the test lead correctly in a positive and negative position for testing.

This multimeter is made up of high contact thermoplastic case with a diode confined meter and mirrored glass scale which makes it easily readable.

In short, the Sperry instrument HPS5 multimeter is a good tester at a low price that handles large capacitors like in motor control boxes.

  • User friendly, easy to use
  • Budgeted friendly
  • Reliable Wires detector
  • Small, easy to carry
  • Best choice for householders and school labs
  • Brand trusted
  • Not suitable for a large industrial area or in heavy machinery

7. Hioki 3030-10 Manual Ranging Analog Multimeter

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When you tackle simple to mildly complex tasks, your first concerns are ease of use and the combination of different features in one product.

You would want one device which is simple enough for your use but complex enough to help you with different needs in different settings. Even if you are a pro having several multitesters and years of experience under your belt, you would appreciate the ease of handling that comes with this tester.

Here, Hioki 3030-10 Analog Multimeter expresses its prowess. Like most other analogs, it allows you to measure the current, resistance, and voltage of particular equipment.

But unlike most of its counterparts, it offers more than just that. It also helps you with the measurement of the temperature of equipment. All you have to do is to equip it with a thermistor probe to start taking temperature.

Coming from a trusted brand, these multi-testers serve the user for years without failing or dying. But you have to be careful as the delicate equipment needs care when handled. Rest assured the device comes with protection against overvoltage of 250 V AC and 0.5 amp to keep the device safe for the user.

Also, it meets IEC standard 61010 which makes it fairly safe.

If you want to know the range of measurement for this multi-tester, know that it can measure up to 600 volts of AC as well as DC voltage, 3 kilohms of resistance, 300 milliamp current.

If you also add the thermistor probe, the device will measure temperature between minus 20° and 150° Celsius.

As you can see from its measuring ranges, when the company says average-sensing, they mean it. After covering all the usual ranges of current, voltage, and resistance in our everyday electrical tasks, this manual analog meter steps up to offer the highest level of accuracy.

You can trust it to provide precise reading while measuring linear loads in the condition of smooth wavelength.

  • Multipurpose
  • Lightweight
  • Safe to use
  • Trusted brand
  • Budget-friendly
  • Not much beginner-friendly

Buying Guide:

Analog or digital, your multimeter should have these basic features to become the right choice for you. Different things like test equipment do matter.


If you are looking for a multimeter to test your home appliances or to do basic electrical repair work, chances are your needs would be varied. You will not only be concerned with the current and voltage measurement, but other electrical properties such as capacitanceOpens in a new tab., resistance, and frequency. The Sensitivity of a multimeter is an important feature, and you can do with one which has different sensing ranges.

A variety of functions are usually added to the models made for professional or semi-professional users. The more features it has, the higher will be its price. This is why you should know your basic needs before buying, plus some test measurements will do.

Some meters also offer temperature probes for on-site temperature measurement, apart from voltage measurement.


This feature of a multimeter is the first one to understand and analyze. You can get a multimeter with up to 12 functions but if it doesn’t fulfill the accuracyOpens in a new tab. requirement, it will not help much with the circuit testing phase.

Aim for up to 0.5% accuracy rate. The lower this number is the more accurate your meter is.


The lower the input impedance of a multimeter, the less energy it dissipates. This in turn leads to a lower temperature which makes it safe for use on electronic components. You can get these meters with up to 10 MΩ input resistance but make sure they are safe to use.

A low impedance device will noticeably increase its price too.


To minimize these risks, you should not only know the process of handing a multimeter before you start but also get a product that is safe and tested for safety standards.

Check out the potential multimeter’s CAT rating to know if it’s safe to use with desired appliances or not.

Here were a few concerns that should be answered before you pick a product. These concerns remain the same whether you get an analog device or a digital one.


No matter what type of multimeter you buy, stick to the manual. You will be rewarded for your effort by using it for a longer time without spending much on maintenance.


Batteries are another crucial factor. The 4 “AA” batteries are common for a digital device, while an analog one usually uses 2 or more 9V batteries. Some of them have an AC adapter which can prevent you from buying extra batteries once it gets drained out.


Some digital multimeters have limited power source options. If you will be using your meter for long periods of time, then a battery-operated model is the best option. But remember, it is always a good idea to buy spare batteries along with your multimeter.


A multimeter has two ranges, AC and DC. The higher the voltage the more you will be paying for your device. If you are going to use it at home for only basic purposes like checking voltage or current in a circuit, then choose a model which can measure up to 600V.

DB scales and ranges:

An analog multimeter can not directly compare measurements to provide a ratio. The readings are typically used as a view to standard audio signals while the decibel values are relative to 1mW with 600. This standard may be inherited by old telephone or telecommunication cables that most test meters used during maintenance of the old line of communications. The use of an analog multimeter was usual for measuring the AC audio levels. There might be different scales for different AC ranges to support different signals levels. Selecting a range that best suits that signal is crucial.

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