Best Clamp Meters for HVAC: Buyer’s Guide and Reviews 2023

It is easy to identify what kind of electrical system is deployed in your house, offices, or even in an industrial area. Be it the IT industry or a factory, you want to know how much voltage you consume in daily operations at the premises. 

How much voltage did I use by your refrigerator and air conditioner? How to measure and maintain your room temperature to comfort your family? Is your electric wire secure or there is any discontinuity? If yes, where is it? A clamp meter is the best option for you to get all these answers.

Nowadays, clamp metersOpens in a new tab. for heating, ventilation, and air conditioners are more in demand than simple multimeters because of their temperature measuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting features. The safety rating is also one of the key factors when it comes to choosing a clamp meter. It should be a non-contact voltage detector as well so it can signal to you when you are near live wires.

I’ve compiled a list of the top 9 best clamp meters on the market and what they have to offer so you can make an informed choice, plus their performance, reviews, and safety features in detail.

Our list of the best clamp multimeters for HVAC:

BrandAuto RangeNCVPrice
Klein Tools CL320
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NoNoClick Here for PriceOpens in a new tab.
UEi DL369YesYesClick Here for PriceOpens in a new tab.
Fieldpiece SC440
YesYesClick Here for Price
UEi DL429B
YesYesClick Here for PriceOpens in a new tab.
Fluke 116/323:
NoNoClick Here for PriceOpens in a new tab.
UEi DL379BYesYesClick Here for PriceOpens in a new tab.
Klein Tools CL440:
YesYesClick Here for PriceOpens in a new tab.
UEi DL469
YesYesClick Here for PriceOpens in a new tab.

1) Klein Tools CL320KIT

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It is one of the best clamp meters for HVAC professional testing.

 CL320 KIT is a high-quality robust clamp meter featured with true RMS technology which measures AC, voltage, resistance, duty cycle, capacitance, continuity, diode testing, frequency, and DC microamp.

Klein tool CL320 comes up with an infrared thermometer and dual IR probe which measures the temperature with a free hanging hook. This mechanism is ideal for measuring the temperature of the AC duct and ventilator without using your hands to grab the thermometer.

It is simple, well-designed, and easy to use; all functions can easily operate on a single dial which can easily adapt to your required position.

 The CL320 is an easily griped, handy HVAC clamp meter that is readable from any angle with its large screen and a backlight you can turn on and off whenever you want. Its backflip stand helps it to set it on a table, a cabinet, or a wall.

It’s a portable device that can easily fit in your toolbox or bag while traveling or for your fieldwork, you can easily take it anywhere you want.

You can check whether AC/DC voltage for your motors, cars batteries are in proper form or not. It offers continuity testing for any breakage in a circuit or a wire with a beep indicator in a complex system so you can easily find out where the actual problem is.

It measures the resistance up to 400 ohms, which helps to check the weak points of the wire. It also has an auto-on-off function which helps with saving its battery.

Klein tool CL320 kit is available at a very reasonable price. Being a clamp meter with all these qualities and features at this price makes it one of the best clamp meters for HVAC as well as for the IT industry.

  • The backlit LCD screen makes it easier to view in low light.
  • The CL320’s handy integrated tester is the perfect accessory for testing voltage on any project.
  • With the help of True Root Mean Squared (TRMS) measurement technology, Klein tools has been able to create a product that is accurate and reliable.
  • Klein Tools has a handy option to conserve battery life.
  • A low battery indicator lets you know when it’s time for a recharge, and the compartment can be opened from any angle so there are no torches or other tools needed!
  • This multimeter’s connector sticks out and makes it not as stable when lying flat.


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Ideal industries INC. 61-765 is a tight-sight HVAC clamp meter. With the safety categories of CATIII for 1000v and CATIV for 600V, this meter is suitable for most industrial and domestic settings.

Ideal 61-675 is a True RMS clamp meter that gives you accurate measurements of outputs of non-sinusoidal current, as well as noisy circuits. There is a sound indicator and a light in it. It blows when the circuit has more than 30 volts. It alerts you when you set the clamp meter at the wrong range and function, so it prevents damage.

On the clamp meter, there is a backlight and the numbers and icons are clear, which helps you to get the correct reading. Another display is at its bottom that is a tight-sight display, so you can take a reading from its bottom as well when you take measurements from the poles or the upper surface where you cannot reach easily.

With its tight jaws, you can hook it easily on the wire even in less or tight space. It is a portable device. You can easily take it anywhere in your workplace. The package includes test leads and an alligator clip.

Ideal 61-675b clamp meter fulfills all the measurement requirements which are of AC and DC like batteries backup checking, solar panels, transport field, even in the field.

Because of its design and ergonomics, you can say it’s the best HVAC clamp meter.

3) UEi DL369 Digital Clamp Meter with Non Contact Voltage Detection

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UEi DL369 is a digital clamp meter for HVAC with an auto-ranging 4000 count volts meter. It’s an AC amp meter that measures AC current up to 400A, AC and DC current up to 2000µA voltage and microamps, diode, resistance to 40 ohms, capacitance as well as it is, and NVC continuity tester which is a live wire tester.

Its dual display feature enhances ergonomics with a 4000-count display. The display clearly shows the measurements which are taken, you can read the display easily and clearly. With minimum, maximum, and auto-ranging functions, you can set the range of this clamp meter. Its auto-on-off button helps to save battery life.

Dl369 can measure both capacitance and frequency which suits the industrial side at a very reasonable amount.

DL369 comes up with the safety rating feature of 600v CAT III and 1000v CATS II. Also, it has a sound indicator Non-Contact Voltage which identifies the live wires when you are there, which helps to ensure safety.

DL369 offers you a three-year warranty at a very reasonable price, so anyone can buy it. With all these qualities and features, it’s just like a jewel in the box; with all the positive reviews you can say that it’s one of the best clamp meters for HVAC.

4) Fieldpiece SC440

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Fieldpiece the SC440 is a dual display clamp meter that can easily hang to any metallic surface because of its built-in heavy-duty magnet. Thanks to this magnet, you don’t need to use your hand for holding the meter while taking measurements. You can use only one hand for the alligator while taking the measurement.

SC440 is a well-designed robust built-up with high impact plastic, mid-size clamp meter featured with the auto and manual ranging and the tests lead and the alligator clips included.

A True RMS clamp meter measures the starting amp of a compressor with an inrush current function. It measures temperature, capacitance and with its backlight gives a complete package for professional electricians. It’s an HVACR clamp meter that covers all parameters of thermal and electrical HVAC testing.

It also has a diode tester and a continuity tester which is specially designed for HVACR services for everyday measurements.

It’s an NCV clamp meter that helps in detecting the live wire and currents in a normal and complex system which is its paramount safety feature.

In short, you can say that it is well-designed and one of the best HVAC clamp meters for maintaining the temperature and troubleshooting. Overall public reviews are very positive of this clamp meter.

5) UEi DL429B:

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UEi DL429B is a digital HVAC and true RMS clamp meter which comes up with the features of wireless capability with an app that saves the record of your measurements and has a graph that shows you interpret readings. Because it introduces the feature of temperature differentiate which makes your work easy and speedy for HVAC services. This service makes it different from other clamp meters. So you can say that it is the best clamp meter for HVAC.

DL429B can measure AC/DC amps current up to 600A and DC microamps to 2000uA, which is a wide range, so you don’t need to have all other measuring tools with you. It can measure capacitance, diode testing, specified resistance duty cycle, and measure circuit continuity.

It is a hand-free well-designed clamp meter that has a built-in magnet in it so that you don’t need to hold it all the time while measuring. With its backlight and large LED display, you can read the measurement clearly, even in dim light.

In short, it is a flame safeguard true RMS clamp meter that is designed for industrial and HVAC services. Public reviews are also very important for this clamp meter to maintain its rating.

6) Fluke 116/323:

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Fluke 116/323 is a combo kit of clamp meter and multimeter.

Fluke 116 is an HVAC multimeter, it has a built-in thermometer that measures temperature specifically design for HVAC services.

The main purpose of fluke 116 is to measure and maintain the temperature ventilation and humidity level for health and comfort for you and your family. This HVAC tool is used in space requirement, weather conditions, building materials to maintain the temperature of the indoor environment

Fluke 116 measures continuity, capacitance, resistance, and frequency as well as microamps, it is declared with CAT III 600v safety rating. It provides min/average/ max readings with record signal fluctuation. It has a low input impedance that does not let a false reading because of ghost voltage.

Fluke 323 is a true RMS clamp meter that measures 400A AC and 600V for AC and DC voltage S on non-linear signals with the rating of CATIII 600V and CAT IV 300V making it the best choice for electricians and technicians.

Fluke 323 is a good design robust multimeter that has a large screen for displaying the output of the testing, with its backlight screen helping to get reading even in the dim light.

With continuity deduction fluke 323 test resistance up to 40k ohms due to this feature, it is a more accurate clamp meter than many others.

Within the clamp meter industry, Fluke makes a renowned name. So you can be sure of the quality you will receive with this product that translates into assurance about its durability and accuracy. When we combine the commendable features that accompany this device with the brand name that backs it up, we get the best clamp meter for HVAC services.

By having this tool kit with both fluke 116 multimeter and 323 clamp meter you do not need to take high weighted tool bags with other heavy tools for measurement at your work field. It gives a complete solution to HVAC troubleshooting it fulfills all its needs.

7) UEi DL379B

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UEi DL379B is a commercial-level digital clamp multimeter with the capability of testing almost all industrial settings.

DL379B clamp meter can measure AC current, AC microamps up to 2000µA, AC/DC volts, capacitance up to 2000µF, duty cycle, diode testing, frequency, resistance up to 40M ohms, temperature, and continuity. Moreover, it is a non-contact voltage detector that identifies the live line.

DL 379B comes up with the safety ratings of CAT III 600V and CAT IV up to 300V. Another safety measure for this meter is its jack lock that protects the clamp meter from blowing fuse.

This clamp meter is attached to a magnet so a person can easily take measurements without holding it. Its dual and backlit display makes it easy to take readings even in dim light and in basements, with the test leads storage make it easily portable. There is an auto on and off function to save battery life even there is a low battery indicator as well so you will easily find out that the clamp meter battery is about too low.

DL 379B offers you 3 years warranty with a complete kit in which you will find out the clamp meter test leads, temperature probe, and 2 AAA batteries in a zippered pouch so you can easily take it with you.

Due to its safety features and temperature functions NVC and live line dedicator, it is best for troubleshooting for electrical HVAC services. It makes it the best choice for commercial/ and residential HVAC services.

8) Klein Tools CL440:

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Klein CL440 is an automatic ranging true RMS is a digital clamp meter design for HVAC services it measures inrush current and 600A AC current, measures voltage AC up to 700V/DC up to 600V, as well as DC microamp, continuity, resistance, diode testing, duty cycle, and frequency. There is a thermocouple port for temperature measurements from -328 to 2462 Fahrenheit.

CL440 is a non-contact voltage tester deducting the live line with the clamp jaw.                                                                   

 Its backlit LCD allows you to view voltage and current measurements simultaneously.

With the safety ratings CAT IV of 600v and CAT III of 750v, CL440ensures its quality and fulfills all the safety parameters when it comes to non contact voltage too.

CL440 is a complete package for electricians and commercial and residential HVAC services. The test leads, alligator clips, 3xAAA batteries, and K-type thermocouple with the storage pouch and instruction manual are also included.      

It’s a robust well design accurate measurement clamp meter in its manufacturing high-class material is used. The features of its best quality and well-designed engineering make it one of the best HVAC clamp meters.

UEi DL469 Digital Clamp Meter

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UEi DL 469 is a digital clamp meter designed for HVAC services rather than its commercial or residential services best for professional HVAC professionals.

It’s a true RMS digital clamp meter that is designed for measuring AC up to 400A, 750V for AC, and 600 volts for DC, it also tests resistance up to 40 M ohms, diode microamps and performs noncontact voltage testing as well with CAT III 1000V safety ratings. It’s a well-designed and manufactured tool.

DL469 is a clamp meter that provides you with an accurate measurement of any type of load because of its true RMS feature. It provides a wide display range for different measurement applications with 4000 counts display.

Its non-contact voltage feature alerts you when you are near the live wire for your safety on your job site. The non-contact voltage feature is definitely amazing.

DL 496 HVAC clamp meter is a well-designed, easy-to-use tool that has all the qualities which a professional clamp meter should have. Its backlit and large LED display helps to read the display even in dim light. There are tests leads which help in ease of its transport. The clamp meter had an over-molded grip for a firm grip. It’s a durable clamp meter. All function icons are on a single dial making it easy to operate.

It offers 2 years warranty so you can replace it if there is any loss in shipment or if you face any other problem. The price of this clamp meter is very reasonable so anyone can buy it. A clamp meter with all these features at this price is a gift.

Even for HVAC services, this clamp meter is the best choice for you.

Features of the best HVAC Clamp Meter:

Check for a backlit display and battery life

It’s important that your clamp meter has a backlit display and battery life because these features will allow you to work in dark spaces without much trouble.

CAT Ratings

The CAT ratings refer to the clamp meters’ suitability for use in low-voltage (CAT I) or high-voltage (CAT-II) applications. CAT IIIs are designed to handle voltages up until Cat IV, which is more intense than previous levels.

AC DC Voltage in HVAC Systems

AC and DC voltage translates in a way to how air conditioning units work because their valves turn on and off in order to maintain the desired temperature when there are fluctuations in outside temperatures. Air conditioners use alternating current so it’s important to know what type of voltage your system uses before making any changes.

Clamp meters are useful when it comes to checking AC DC voltage because they have an adjustable jaw that can be quickly opened and closed on the wires being tested. All you have to do is place one probe in contact with each wire, close the jaws around them, and read off the voltages displayed on the multimeter Opens in a new tab.face. The ac dc voltage reading inside a clamp meter is used to determine if there is an electrical problem with your system.

True RMS

The True RMS feature in multimeters is a valuable thing for HVAC technicians. It provides a more accurate reading of voltage and current readings at the electrical line, which can be important when troubleshooting an electrical problem. This true RMS feature will help you avoid misinterpreting readings and incorrectly troubleshooting issues.

Test Leads

Despite what you might think, an experienced HVAC technician knows that the test leads in your multimeter are one of the most important tools for diagnosing problems. They’re also something you should be inspected on a regular basis to make sure they’re not broken or frayed.

Wrap Up

Nowadays, a clamp meter is an essential tool for good HVAC technicians.

Many clamp meters in the market are highly efficient, well designed, and helpful for heating, ventilation air conditioner services. You have to find out all the qualities in it like accurate temperature measurement, maintaining humidity, and troubleshooting as well as it should be NCV true RMS clamp meter which deducts live lines for your safety.

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