Best Multimeters for Small Electronics (Top Reviews in 2022)

A multimeter is a key tool for professional electricians in the electronic world. It is essential for householders, electricians, and technicians for checking the wires, outlet circuits, and electrical panels or infield area.

Sometimes, we want a quick check for their electronics to know if it is working in a proper form or not. Multimeters come in Handy at such times.

The main requirement that a person wants in a multimeter is safety assurance. Moreover, a good multimeterOpens in a new tab. should be safety certified, super accurate, quick, and can perform multiple functions. So, it’s great if it can test voltage, current, resistance, capacitance, diode, frequency, duty cycle temperature, and much more. It is easy to choose the best multimeter for small electronics. All you have to do is to keep these requirements in your mind, you will find out one of the best products.

Here are 10 top-rated multimeters, their descriptions, and the pros and cons which help you to choose one.

Klein MM700

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Klein MM700 is a professional test tool that is very easy to use with its simple controls. It is built up with high-quality plastic and silicone case which is drop protected and easy to use in rough and tough environments.

MM700 is specially designed for residential as well as light-industrial areas. It is suitable for professional technicians, hobbyists, and homeowners.

Its large LCD helps to take an accurate reading without any confusion. There is a low battery indicator in it that indicates when the battery is about to end and needs replacement. Also, you can replace the battery and fuse in MM700 easily.

MM700 is a true RMS multimeter that arrives with the auto-ranging feature. Because of these two features, the meter ensures a high level of accuracy.

It is CAT III 1000v and CAT IV 600v certified for safety. It is a low impedance circuit detector multimeter that prevents ghost voltage.

MM700 can measure 1000v in AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current up to 10A, and resistance up to 40M Ω. Also, you can use it to check continuity, diode testing, capacitance, temperature, duty cycle, and frequency. Its frequency ranges from 1HZ to 500K HZ.

With KleinOpens in a new tab.‘s MM700 multimeter you will find a pair of test leads, alligator clips, a thermocouple with batteries and adapter, and a carrying pouch.

  • Built-up with silicon case which provides drop resistance and durability
  • Best for HVAC technicians and services
  • It can measure high range temperature
  • It can measure limited voltage up to 600 V
  • A bit expensive than others

AstroAI Multimeter

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Astro is a digital multimeter that measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, DC, diode, and transistor. It is an ideal test tool for residential and industrial fields. It is a problem-solving tool for household, fuse, outlets, and batteries, as well as it helps in troubleshooting in the automotive field like vehicles batteries, charging systems, testing car electronics, etc.

AstroAI multimeter has a built-in backup light LCD display with 1999 counts which includes negative and positive readings. 

AstroAI is built up with a double ceramic fuse which helps to protect from overloading and its silicone cover protects the tool from electric shocks. There is a low battery indicator in it which indicates when the battery is about to drain so you can replace it.

It has a data hold feature and continuity buzzer as well.

  • With its simple controls, it is an ideal tool for beginners 
  • Ideal tool for troubleshooting electrical issues as well as the automotive field
  • dual fuel protected which makes it more reliable
  • Protected from all ranges overload protected
  • Gives accurate measurement as a true RMS multimeter
  • Delay in continuity buzzer sound
  • LCD display could be better with a better backlight

Etekcity Digital Multimeter

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Etekcity digital is a multimeter that measures AC/DC voltage, resistance, diode, DC current, continuity, etc. 

It is a portable troubleshooting device with the feature of a data hold button that holds the measurement on its large backlit LCD with large counts digits that are easy to read even in dark.

It has a plastic stand that supports the device on any surface like a cupboard or table so you don’t need to hold it in your hand while taking measures. This feature alone boosts the tool’s performance considerably.

It also has a low battery indicator which alarms you about the multimeter’s battery going down thus preventing the downtime that may happen because of a dead meter.

It also comes with a continuity buzzer.

  • Overload protected on all types of range
  • Comes with a dual fuse for anti-burn
  • Drop-protected device.
  • With its protected sleeve you will use it easily in a rough and tough environment in the field.
  • Easy touse because of its plastic stand
  • Test beep is loud and clear
  • Excellent large LCD display with on/off backlight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Can accurately measure all functions on all ranges or scales
  • Test leads quality could be improved
  • Fuse is expensive and rarely available on market 
  • No auto/off feature in it so it is not ideal for battery saving.

Neoteck Auto Ranging Digital Multimeter:

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Neoteck auto-ranging digital multimeter can measure AC/DC current, resistance, voltage, capacitance, continuity, and frequency up to (1 kHz-200 kHz).

It comes up with a 9 volts battery and it is easily replaceable because of its compartment at the back. Moreover, there is a pair of test leads with a banana plug and alligator clips.

Neoteck troubleshoot all types of household electronics and automotive fields accurately. Plus, it is overload protected with all kinds of voltage ranges.

Neoteck is featured with a Large LCD backlit display. This feature makes it easily readable even in low light and dark areas.

  • Its data hold function, low battery indicator, and auto power-off function enhances its efficiency.
  • The orange rubber cover protects it from fall damage so you can use it roughly.
  • Its backside stand helps to place your device on any surface so you can free your hands while taking measurements.
  • It is the best device for troubleshooting small electronics
  • Capacitance measurement performance could get more accurate
  • The continuity beep is too low and it’s difficult to hear
  • Accuracy doesn’t last long

Elekcity Digital Multimeter MSR C600

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Elekcity MSR C600 is a digital clamp meter that accurately measures AC/DC voltage, AC, diode, continuity testing, and resistance.

It has multiple functions like data hold, data max, select mode, and auto-ranging which enhance its performance. The large LCD display makes sure that you don’t miss reading in a packed environment.

This clamp meter can measure current without disconnecting the circuit. Along with this multimeter, you will find a pair of test leads,2 AAA batteries, 1 manual, and a carrying pouch so you can take it with you easily. Add to it the small size and low weight of this device and you get an extremely portable function.

  • Efficiency enhancing features
  • Easy to read display
  • Portable
  • Auto shut-off saves battery
  • Testing with it doesn’t require circuit breaking
  • Can’t measure DC current
  • There is no backlit display in it
  • Build quality could improve

Fluke 115 Compact True RMS Multimeter

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Fluke 115 is a compact, true RMS digital multimeter which assures accuracy. Fluke 115 measures continuity, frequency, capacitance, and diode testing.

Fluke 115 is CAT III safety rated and is certified up to 600V which makes it more reliable and safer at your workplace. It arrives with a polyester carrying case.

It is a robust device its solid built quality helps to protect from any damage like shock, drops, or humidity.

Other than durability, the device satisfies the users in terms of accuracy of measurements, performance, and efficiency.

With its true RMS feature, you can be sure of its accuracy. The auto-ranging feature not only makes efficiency a norm, but it also enhances already amplified accuracy. Check this fluke 115 vs 117Opens in a new tab. review too.

Its auto shut-off feature is another value-adding quality that makes life easier for the users. They can leave the device on after every use knowing the device will save battery by shutting off automatically.


  • Display angle could be improved
  • Can’t measure micro/ milliamp
  • No option for temperature measurement
  • Compact and robust device
  • True RMS features ensures accuracy
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Auto-ranging function
  • Gives a responsive bar-graph display
  • Small, light, and portable
  • The display angle could be improved
  • Can’t measure micro/ milliamp
  • No option for temperature measurement

Klein Tools CL390

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Klein Tools CL390 is an auto-ranging true RMS clamp meter that tests AC/DC current and non-contact voltage (NCV) testing through its clamp, AC/DC voltage, resistance, frequency, continuity, DC microamps, capacitance, and diode with its test leads and thermocouple probe.

Klein ToolsOpens in a new tab. CL390 is featured with a low battery indicator that alerts you when the battery needs replacement. When that time comes, you notice that its battery case is very easy to reach. CL390 is CAT III 600v and double insulation safety ratings CE certified.

Its high-quality display is the core feature that allows you a clear and unambiguous view of digits because of its reverse contrast technology.

You can also hold, or store, data for later display.

It is designed for residential and industrial areas. With Klein Tools CL390, you will get a clamp meter, thermocouple, 3 AAA batteries, test leads with alligator clips carrying case, and an instruction manual.

  • Non-contact voltage tester links with the clamp jaw
  • High-quality display
  • Auto-ranging
  • Robust solid build design
  • Data hold option
  • The auto/off function saves its battery.
  • Times out quickly
  • Daytime visibility could be improved

Fluke 287

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Fluke 287 is a true RMS electronics logging digital multimeter which can connect with its mobile application. It can also connect with an infrared connector so you can take readings with distance and you don’t need to leave your field for sharing your reading with your team members.

You can show your measurement on a live video call through your mobile and infrared  3000 FC wireless connector which is sold separately.

It also has a graphical display that can show the measurement in graphical logged data form for speedy analysis of diversion if it occurred. So there is no need to download logged readings to your computer.

It has a ¼ VGA and 50,000 counts display which shows information from multiple measurements at the same time. It can save up to 15000 multiple readings records.

Fluke 287 performs multiple functions like AC/DC voltage and current, resistance from very low ohms, capacitance, and temperature as well as it’s a true RMS multimeter that accurately measures non-linear loads.

On top of all these smart and technologically advanced features, the meter gives efficiency as is primary selling point. With its magnetic hanger, you don’t have to worry about holding the device while checking circuitsOpens in a new tab..

Fluke 287 arrives with a true RMS logging multimeter, a pair of TL71 test leads, installed 6AA batteries, 1 pair of AC 175 alligator clips, and a reference guide.

  • Durable, robust design
  • Accurate
  • Multi-lingual interface
  • Multiple readings can store and display at the same time
  • Display without downloading multiple logging sessions
  • Graphical display
  • A magnetic hanger keeps your hands free
  • The display could be clearer
  • Small capacitance is not accurate

Tekpower TP9605BT

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Tekpower is the first digital multimeter that can connect with your android mobile with an app and connect with your PC as well. First, you have to connect the device through USB to your PC. Another way is to connect it with your cell phone so that you can easily display the readings of your measurements. Different modes of sharing that are allowed by its app include sharing through Facebook, Twitter, or through your email.

The measurements will be displayed in the chart or a list form.

Tekpower is a highly professional true RMS multimeter with a 6000 count display. You get it with a K-type thermosensor that measures temperature and CAT III safety LED.

It featured auto-ranging, AX/DC voltage, AC/DC current up to 10A, frequency 10Mhxz, duty cycle, capacitance, resistance, and diode testing and it also holds max and minimum results.

It tests continuity to find out the short circuits. There is a backlight in it to see in dark and dim light along with the data hold function, which makes it easy to take the reading.

  • Share data with your team members
  • Show measurement in cell phone
  • True RMS takes accurate measurements
  • Safety assurance
  • USB connector
  • Too much battery consumption
  • Dull display

Amprobe AM-510:

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Amprobe AM-510 digital multimeter is designed for commercial and residential use it is best for testing wires and panels, and light fixtures, best for troubleshooting, and can repair all sorts of electrical appliance issues. It is also ideal for automotive electrical problem-solving.

It is very simple and easy to use for beginners and householders.

AM-510 has a tilt stand and a probe holder so you can easily take measurements freely.

It is CAT III 600v safety certified and also has a non-contact voltage detector that can take measurements with live wires without disconnecting the circuitry this gives quick, accurate, and safe measurements.

AM-510 measures AC/DC voltage up to 600v, AC/DC current, frequency, capacitance, and duty cycle. For troubleshooting applications, there is an audible continuity and diode testing feature as well. Its backlight LCD display makes it easy to take readings in dim light.

Its data hold features hold the measurements for later reference. It also has both auto and manual ranging modes which help in to take accurate and quick measurements.

Moreover, its auto power-off feature helps to save its battery life. The device is turned off after 15 minutes if it is not in use. The device will also indicate when its battery is about too low.

  • Troubleshooting all household electrical problem
  • Portable and handy/ test leads storage and probe holders
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Ideal for automotive issues
  • Non-contact voltage measurement with live wire for quick and accurate results
  • Delay in taking readings
  • Inconsistent NCV readings
  • Continuity sound is low

Wrap Up

All the multimeters which are described in the article are safety certified,Opens in a new tab. small, handy, and portable, ideal for troubleshooting and circuitry maintenanceOpens in a new tab., accurate and give quick output.

These are ideal for householder hobbyists and professional technician’s works for small electronics.


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