The Best UEI Clamp Multimeters For Use In Home, Businesses, and Factories – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews 2023

You know that feeling when you get one of those calls from work but then end up not having to go in because your clamp meter died?


No more sad clamps for me, thanks to this list! I’ve got all the best UEI clamp multimeters with their different functions and performances right here at my fingertips.

You just have to read it out and find the best match required and make your life fruitful and full of ease.

UEi is a name-trusted brand that has been operating in the market for more than 50 years. It introduces a large variety of high-quality test tools in the market which are commercial-grade advanced-level tools that play an excellent role in the field.

Here are some best UEi clamp multimetersOpens in a new tab. shortlisted, which are loved by the market because of their performances, advanced functionality, and, most of all their safety ratings.

Product name ImageFeature 1Feature 2Price
UEi DL379B Digital Clamp MeterAdvanced designDual displayclick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
UEi Test Instruments DL429BWireless facilityLow battery indicatorclick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
UEi DL369 HVAC Auto Ranging Clamp MeterLow power display lockIndustrial capacityClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
UEi DL489 Readable dual backlit displayTest lead storageClick here for price Opens in a new tab.
UEi DL479 Digital Clamp MeterMagnetic mount clampHVAC testing servicesClick here for price Opens in a new tab.
UEi DL469Work light featureAudible non-contact voltage detectorclick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
UEi Test Instruments UTL291Auto manual rangingLCD light indicatorClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.

1) UEi DL379B Digital Clamp Meter- One of the best UEi Clamp Multimeters on our list

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UEi DL379B is an industrial-grade clamp meterOpens in a new tab. with an advanced design for all industrial settings. It can compete with all other robust clamp meters which are specially designed for industrial areas. DL379B clamp meter measures AC/DC volts, AC amps, AC microamps 2000µA, capacitance 2000µA, frequency, diode testing, continuity, temperature range -22 to 752 degrees Fahrenheit, and resistance.

UEi DL379B contains easy to read backlit dual display along with a magnetic mount for you to free your hands while taking measurements. This device has light to work in dim light, even in dark places efficiently. It also has test leads storage space for easy transportation and the test leads holder is on the clamps head. With user temperature calibration, it is best for HVAC services.

With the features of minimum/ maximum range and; data hold function in which it can hold the last measurement which was taken even after disconnecting it from the circuits; input jack lock; low battery display lock, it is an ergonomic device to ease your work. Another point of relief is the auto turn-off feature that shuts off the device when it is not used for a while. It helps to save your device’s battery. And battery low indicator signals to you when the battery is about to discharge and needs to replace, making it more reliable and valuable.

UEi DL379B fulfills all the safety ratings likewise it ensures complete safety with CAT IV 300V & CAT III 600V safety ratings. This clamp meter is a dual-level non-contact voltage device that identifies live current lines and circuits.

With this clamp meter, you can also find out 2 AAA batteries, a pair of test leads, a K-type temperature probe, a manual, and a soft zipper bag which makes its transport convenient. 

UEi is the best quality brand that has manufactured test pieces of equipment for 50 years, offering you its best clamp meters. DL379B is one of them. Professional technicians, electricians, IT workers, and HVAC service technicians need this kind of multipurpose clamp meter which can quickly work in all environments and can easily solve real-world problems.

Customers like its quality design, accuracy, and all the function and feature. It’s just like a jewel box for them.

UEi Test Instruments DL429B

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UEI test instrument DL429B is a digital wireless true RMS multimeter. It is an HVAC clamp meter that has the capability of calculating differential temperature, which saves your time and field area and makes your work more efficient and more accessible.

DL429B has wireless capability and has a free app for data reading logs and records. In this app, you can store your measurements or calculation, and you can read, its large graph can show you all the calculations.

It can measure DC microamps 2000A, LRA inrush, capacitance 2000µ, frequency 99.99 kHz, duty cycle, diode test, audible continuity, NCV and differential temperature, resistance, AC/DC, and voltage. It’s a True RMS multimeter that fulfills all your job requirements.

DL429B is featured with a wireless facility, dual display, auto/ manual ranging, work light and backlight, test lead storage, magnetic mount, input jack lock, and low battery indicator, which indicates when the device battery is getting low and is in need of replacement, and auto power-off function which helps in saving battery life.

It can work in checking line current and motors, control voltage or system board voltage, circuits continuity and resistance, flaming safeguard, live wires circuits, diode test malfunction/ unbroken paths, and ambient temperature.

For constructors, it offers better features for function and safety in a house, updating with its wireless capabilities. It is a multipurpose multimeter for multiple fields, which has a robust magnetic mount for freeing your hands while measuring, and you can easily take the measurement with ease. This amount can help in the wireless setting as well it can take and save the calculation on your mobile phone directly.

This multimeter by brand UEI comes with silicone test leads, which are rated 1000V. It has CAT IV safety-rated leads that help to keep you safe. It also comes with alligator clips and caps for more protection.

DL429B work light helps you to work in dark places as well, and you can easily take accurate measurements in the dark.

It’s an all-in-one multimeter with excellent customer reviews. We love its durability, accuracy, HVAC services, its wireless feature, which shows graph reading and helps to save calculations on mobile phones.  

UEi DL369 HVAC Auto Ranging Clamp Meter

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UEi test instruments have 50 years of experience in manufacturing and designing these kinds of measuring tools. Professionals are well recognized with this brand in quality products and modern design, which help to solve real-world problems.

UEi DL369 is a digital clamp meter for HVAC services. This is the best meter for constructors who need all the essential functions and features in a single multimeter without using any other tools. Ideal for standard troubleshooting and electrical maintenance, it is not a typical multimeter. It fulfills all the advanced functions accurately, which is required in the industrial field.

DL369 has represented it with a dual 4000 counts display which shows all the calculation clearly which has to be taken. There is a minimum/ maximum and auto-ranging function, an auto power-off function that saves your device’s battery, low power display lock, test lead storage, and test leads holder, which makes it easy to transport. 

DL369 can measure capacitance and frequency, 4000µF capacitance and frequency give industrial capability. Moreover, it can also measure duty cycle, continuity, diode testing, and resistance to 40.

DL369 can measure AC current up to 400A, and AC/DC current up to 2000µA which provides you a large testing range, so you should not need other tests tools while having it on your job site.

Another great feature DL396 has a non-contact voltage that recognized and identifies live line and circuits and indicates it with a sound, which keeps you safe in your job area. It can also measure circuit loading and test circuits breakers. For safety, you must know that it is CAT III 600V and CAT II 1000 V safety rated.

It is available at a very reasonable price along with three years warranty.

With this clamp meter, you will get a pair of test leads, 2 AAA batteries, a user manual, and a zipper pouch to make it easy to take it anywhere with you.  

When you talk about the customer reviews about DL369, you should know that it got 4.6 stars out of 5, which means it is a reliable clamp meter for you; customers like its design, performance, accuracy, ease to use in the industrial environment, as well as it is convenient for them in transportations.

UEi DL489 

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UEi DL489 is a True RMS clamp meter with a 6000 counts display that gives accurate measurement and resistance against any type of load. As well as it has an LRA inrush for checking starting powers accurately.

DL489 is fully featured with measuring differential temperature. It measures differential and saves time in the field, and makes work straightforward and clear.

It can measure up to 600A AC/DC amps and 2000µA DC microamps, because of that you don’t need to have other different measuring tools in your bags or toolbox in your field area.

UEi DL489 is well designed, simple, and user-friendly clamp meter which has an easily readable dual backlit display with a magnetic mount that helps to keep your hands free while taking the measurements. It also has a work light that maintains the light in a dark area for taking measurements and has test lead storage so you can easily place the leads in it while going to your job site.

DL489 is one of the best true RMS clamp meters and had all the advanced features needed in every industrial setting. It can measure AC/DC volts, capacitance 2000µF, frequency 99.99kHz, continuity, diode testing, duty cycle, and resistance up to 60 ohms.

DL 489 ensures safety because it fulfills 600V CAT III safety ratings. It also has a non-contact voltage detection feature that detects live line without cutting or disconnecting the wire and circuits which enhance your safety. Its input jack lock is protecting the device from a fuse blowing.

DL489 offers you two years warranty as well which is proof of its reliability.

Overall, DL489 has the entire advanced new feature which is needed in all industrial areas, it’s a complete multimeter with all functions and features in an updated housing. It can check current lines and motors, system board voltage, control voltage checks, specified resistance or circuits continuity, motor start faults, surface temperature or ambient, power supply and variable speed drives as well as flame safeguard, and more.

With DL489 you will find out a pair of test leads with alligator clips,2 K-type thermocouples, 6 AAA batteries, a user manual, and a soft Zipper pouch to fits all accessories in it.

The customer gives great reviews about this clamp meter they liked its accuracy, functionality, ideal for HVAC services and they highly recommended it.

UEi DL479 Digital Clamp Meter:

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UEi DL479 is a true RMS clamp meter designed for HVAC services. It’s a digital clamp meter that is designed to measure 750v AC/600V DC, 600A AC, micro amp, temperature, resistance 60, frequency, diode test, and capacitance. Also, it is a non-contact voltage detector that deducts live lines which help to keep you safe.

DL479 is an industrial true RMS clamp meter that provides accurate measurement of any kind of load. Moreover, it is 600V CAT IV and 1000v CAT III safety rated which guarantees safety for most industrial settings.  

With 6000 counts display which gives you to display a wide range of calculations for any applications.

It is a magnetic mount clamp meter that keeps your hands free while taking measurements. It is a well-designed clamp meter that has a backlit dual-display LCD with work light due to that you can work in dark or in dim light easily.

DL479 can measure temperature and for measuring temperature there is banana plug thermocouple is included in the package. It is a commercial-grade clamp meter that has all new advanced features and can perform a variety of functions in every industrial setting. 

DL479 works for line current or motor maintenance, control voltages and system board, rapid checks on live wires as well as diode malfunction and unbroken paths.

DL 479 arrives with a complete package of test leads with alligator clips, 2 AAA batteries, a user manual, and a zipper pouch moreover along with 2 years warranty.

Customer reviews are very positive about this product, for its HVAC testing services, accuracy, and great quality it got a 4.6-star rating out of 5. This makes it reliable.

UEi DL469

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UEi DL469 is a true RMS digital clamp-on meter that provides accurate measurement on any kind of load. It comes with a 4000 counts display that provides a vast range for a variety of applications. 

It is a commercial-grade clamp meter that is specially designed for industrial application, which can measure AC up to 400V; AC/DC volts up to 750 and 600 volts respectively; up to 40resistance; 2000µA microamps; diode testing; and continuity that makes it all-in-one device. 

DL 469 has an audible non-contact voltage detector, which can spot live lines and circuits and protect you from any harm. 

This device has a work light feature because it can work in dim light even in dark. Also, it comes with test lead storage space where you can put your leads in while traveling. It is durable and had a firm over-molded grip.

Customer rating about this product is good it got 4.5 stars out of 5, the reviews are positive as well, They like its accuracy, brand, price, and quality.

In short, DL469 is a compact well designed digital clamp meter that comes up with all those features and functionalities which can be used in industries. It’s the best tool for measuring multiple functions so it is a valuable tool in your toolbox. It provides one year warranty which makes it more reliable. 

UEi Test Instruments UTL291:

UTL291 is a clamp-on meter that can measure AC amps up to 600A, AC voltage up to 600V, capacitance, and resistance up to 60, frequency, duty cycle, diode testing, and temperature.

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It also has an audible non-contactOpens in a new tab. voltage sensor which is located on the tip of the clamp head and indicates live line and circuitry when it is near and shows LCD light indicated which is on the NVC button, with 6000 count display so it can show a large range of measurement.

Featured with auto/ manual ranging, the backlit display helps to measure dim light, data hold function you can hold the reading by pushing hold button after that you should push it again to release the value. It also has an auto shut-off function due to that the device is turned off by itself if it is not in use that keeps your battery safe.

UTL291 is 600V CAT IIIOpens in a new tab. safety rated which helps to keep you safe on your job site. Customer reviews about this product are good. They like its accuracy, performance, and affordable price.

Best UEi Clamp Multimeters: Brief Buying Guide


Safety is very important, in the electrical field you have to face complex circuitry, systems, heavy machinery, wiring problems.

So, the device which you use must have to fulfill the safety ratings and should have resistance. It should be overload protected which prevents blowing fuse. It should have a sensor that can sense the live wires and circuits when you are near them and should indicate it with sound or light for your safety.

Wrap up:

UEI is a famous brand, its tools and equipment had great demand in all over the world because it is maintaining its performance for the last 50 years. Its devices are featured with all new functions. As compared to fluke, Its devices have reasonable prices. So if you need a clamp meter, pick one.

All the clamp meters which are described above are industrial-grade clamp meters and fulfill all these features. In short, these are ideal to use in the industrial field, for taking measurements, maintenance, and repairs.

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