7 Best Extech Multimeter Reviews + Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Why Extech? When you have lots of options for multimeters ranging from analog to digital, from cheap ones to high-end, and from hobbyist styled to industry-grade; why would you choose only Extech?

You would do that simply because this brand covers almost all types of multimeters. You can have any testing need in mind and the brand will answer with a perfect product for that. So, these Extech multimeter reviews are bound to help you.

And that’s not all. Extech is famous for two primary reasons. First, it’s a guarantee that you get the most affordable solution from this brand. Yes, you can get cheaper models from other manufacturers. But the quality and features from those manufacturers cannot outdo Extech.

The second core competence of this brand is its durability. These products work for years.

Here, we detail the seven most widely used Extech multimeters. These u003ca href=u0022https://www.techconfessionary.com/best-multimeters-for-electronics/u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003emultimetersu003c/au003e are selected because of their features and versatility. Most of these offer True RMS which enhances accuracy. Another feature that is common among most of these testers is non-contact voltage detection.

Let’s analyze the individual features of these testers separately.

Product name Image Feature 1Feature 2Price
Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter
Built-in detectorEasy storageClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Extech EX355 True RMS Professional MultimeterAccurate AC measurementsLED detectorClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Extech EX470A Professional True RMS Multimeter
Non-contact InfraRed thermometerAdvanced capacitanceClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Extech EX310 Mini Manual Ranging Multimeter
Budget friendly Temperature measurementClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Extech Amp Clamp MA445 True RMS AC DC Clamp Meter
High accuracyBuilt-in flashlightClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Extech EX505 CAT IV-600V True RMS IndustrialWaterproof protectionDual sensitivity frequency functionClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Extech EX430A True RMS Autoranging Multimeter
Light weight0.5% accuracy levelClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.

1.Extech EX330 Autoranging Mini Multimeter

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This is one of the most popular multimeters from the trusted brand of Extech. With 12 functions and easy operations, it makes a great choice for most users. Homeowners and engineers are the target customers of this product as its basic functions cover everything they need for electrical testing and repairs.

Its functions include measuring current, voltage, capacitance, resistance, duty cycle, and temperature. Take note that the device uses a safer alternative to measuring voltage – non-contact AC voltage detector.u003cbru003eIts basic accuracy stands at 0.5% and the range for measuring AC and DC voltage is 0.1mV to 600V. You can also use this device for continuity testing.

With complete accessories, leads, and probes; you get a working device straight out of the box. Capacitance, resistance, continuity and the diode checker are all located on same input position. You can change modes with a button press! These options being available on the same input position means that you can change between the different modes quite conveniently.

This basic and affordable multimeter offers ergonomics in many features including hold function which retains u003cstrongu003ethe last readings, battery warning, and large display. u003c/strongu003eAlso, the device comes with a tilt stand that helps with the hand-free handling of the tester.

While talking about enhancing efficiency, we shouldn’t forget that the multimeter automatically u003cstrongu003eselects the right range saving your precious moments from selecting the range manually.u003c/strongu003e

Plus, it helps the users by maximizing the battery with its auto power-off feature.

Like other Extech multimeters, u003cstrongu003eEX330 meets safety standards devised for measurement devices for building installations.u003c/strongu003e

  • Non-contact AC voltage detector nType K temperature measurement with the help of temperature probenEasy to use nEX330 comes with a one-year limited part warranty.
  • No backlight nThe displayed reading isn’t visible while at certain angles

2. Extech EX355 True RMS Professional Multimeter

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This True RMS digital multi-tester is a great tool for both professional and DIY work. Its NCV function enhances efficiency and safety. But that’s not the only core feature offered by this product.

Others include higher accuracy levels, temperature measurement feature, switch between auto and manual ranging, energy conservative nature, and hold function. The Low Impedance mode (LoZ) eliminates the risk of reading ghost voltages.

The True RMS function gives surety against false current and voltage readings. The model Ex355 is empowered to get accurate measurements from noise or distorted waveform.

You get a large backlit display to know the reading with the help of back light. And you can hold the readings for future reference. To conserve battery, the backlight is constructed to shut off after fifteen seconds of use. You can also choose to record extreme readings from a particular device testing.

Another feature that enhances the ease-of-use of this device is its battery conservation features that power off the device after a certain period of inactivity.

Its safety level is categorized at CAT III 600V which is suitable for measurement devices used to check building installations.

  • The True RMS in EX355 is a more accurate way to measure AC power than the traditional RMS method.nGhost voltages can cause false readings, but the LoZ mode prevents this successfully.nUses a low pass filter to measure variable frequency accurately.nThis product has a non-contact AC voltage detector with an LED indicator.n
  • The backlight turns off after 15 seconds, that could have been made longer.nSingle line display.

3.Extech EX470A Professional True RMS Multimeter

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The prominent feature of this device is its infrared temperature measuring capacity. Without contact, its infrared thermometer can detect between -4° and 518°F. The accuracy of this IR thermometer is high given its high fixed emissivity of 0.97.

The range of its type k temperature probes is standard and lies between -4° and 1832°F.

Although the tester comes at a higher price, this higher cost is justified because of the excess sensitivity offered in measurements. Its basic accuracy stands at 0.3% against the most widely available 0u003cstrongu003e.5% accuracy in most of its counterparts.u003c/strongu003e

True RMS feature makes the model suitable for professional users. They can be sure of the current and voltage readings even in noisy waveforms.

Different functions include u003cstrongu003eAC/DC current and voltage measurement, capacitance, resistance, frequency, temperature, duty cycle, and continuity.u003c/strongu003e

  • The easy-to-use device gives a large backlit display, hold mode, and auto power-off function for battery conservation. Further ease comes from its tilt stand and Velcro hanging straps.nTrue RMSnType K and infrared temperature measurement.nInput fuse protection
  • Pricier than other models

4. Extech EX310 Mini Manual Ranging Multimeter

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When you are just starting with digital multimeters and only want to test the waters, you want a budget-friendly solution for this testing period. How will you feel if this experimental multimeter becomes the only tester you use for all your electrical projects at home for years to come?

EX310 is the kind of multimeter that packs the features of a standard multi-tester as well as durability with budget-friendliness and beginner-friendly usage. Unlike most devices on this list, this Extech model requires manual ranging. It also manages to pack the feature of temperature measurement with its type K probe.

It allows you to measure temperature, current, voltage, resistance, and diode. Its basic accuracy is 0.5%. It also offers battery test functions for 1.5V and 9V batteries.

Non-contact voltage testing is a significant feature to ensure the beginner-friendliness of this machine. Its safety rating stands at CAT III -600 making it usable for measuring building installations as well as automotive parts measuring.

One remarkable feature is its non-contact voltage detections which makes it stand out among other manual ranging multimeters.

Being a basic tester, you can expect it to have smaller ranges of measurement. These limitations show in resistance and frequency measures.

The ready-to-use package also includes a tilt stand for hand-free handling of this tester.

  • The low battery indicator is an additional feature that lets you focus on your work without having to source new batteries in an emergency.nBudget-friendly.nNon contact AC voltage detector present. nType K temperature mode with the help of a temperature probe.nBattery test function
  • Smaller range on resistance measurement

5. Extech Amp Clamp MA445 True RMS AC DC Clamp MeterOpens in a new tab.

Opens in a new tab.

If your first concern is to keep the productivity up, ditch every other tester on this list and go for this model. This clamp meter acts like a multimeter as it measures, not just current, but other factors also.

Its measurements include resistance, voltage, capacitance, and frequency. Plus, it measures temperature with included type K probe.

Like most other Extech models, this multimeter offers professional quality True RMS feature. It is due to this feature that you get high accuracy of current measurement regardless of noise in waveforms. Speaking of accuracy, the clamp meter outperforms its counterparts by offering basic accuracy of 0.8% and 1.2% for DC and AC voltage. This is a feature found among the best AC clamp meters.

The clamp size is perfect to fit up to 500 MCM-sized conductors. The built-in flashlight makes working with this tester even easier.

The non-contact voltage detection gives an optimal blend of highly efficient yet safe measurement operations.

Regardless of its small size and ergonomic design, the meter includes all the features which make it a trademark of the Extech brand. I am referring to the data hold and min-max hold features. Also, it helps you save time by indicating a low battery in advance with the help of low battery indicator.

This good-quality ac dc clamp meter uses AAA batteries to function.

  • The large display is backlit. So, this ac dc mini clamp meter makes sure you get everything to work in darker environments, including temperature readings.nIts CAT III 600V rating certifies its safety in measuring building installations.nBacklight and flashlight.nLow battery indicator included.nType K temperature measurement using a temperature probe.nContactless voltage sensor present.nEasy to use.
  • Can be slow

6. Extech EX505 CAT IV-600V True RMS Industrial

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If you are serious about your DIY passion, you should up your game a bit. Or maybe you would like to get an industrial-grade multimeter that is extremely durable and has wider ranges to measure. You can measure an AC/DC voltage of up to 1000V.

This industrial grade multimeter is graded CAT IV 600V and is suitable to measure low voltage installations including household tools and equipment and other tools.

The best feature is its rugged design. The double molded surface means that the multimeter can bear drop and drowning. This durability ensures that you benefit from this device for years to come. It also ensures that this multimeter remains a viable choice for boat mechanics. Even if the meter slips into the water while testing, you can be sure that it is safe and usable after you have retrieved it.

With this true RMS multimeter, you get accurate current measures regardless of waveform distortions.

The open-circuit voltage measurement it offers at 2.8VDC. You can measure both electrical as well as electronic frequency with this tester.

Like most other multimeters from Extech, the model EX505 also offers accessorized features to measure temperature, hold data, auto power-off, and a low battery indicator.

  • EX505 that is designed to be waterproof (IP67)nHandheld, lightweight, and cost-effective device that can be used for almost any type of industrial application.nThe Extech Ex505 has dual sensitivities which makes this product great for any lab setting.nTest leads ends are well designed to prevent shock.
  • Takes a bit of time to measure voltage as compared to its Fluke counterparts.nYou need to handle the selection knob carefully as it is fragile.

7. Extech EX430A True RMS Autoranging Multimeter

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This is another industrial-grade meter that measures up to 750V of AC and 1000V of DC voltage. Its range of measuring current is also wider than usual. And you get up to 20A of current measured through this device.

The device offers almost all of the standard measurements which are offered in other multimeters from the brand. These include measuring capacitance, frequency, resistance, temperature, and diode. Despite including all the features, the device weighs less than other models.

Its accuracy stands at 0.5%. If you want to measure current with noisy waveforms, its True RMS feature will help you avoid distortions.

We can see from its price that the product offers a value-adding trade-off between the increase in measuring range and extra price. If you are looking to test some heavy-duty appliances, this makes the most affordable option for most measurements.

The device is protected against high current levels using input fuse protection. Plus, it also ensures safety by issuing misconnection warnings.

The users appreciate its efficiency-enhancing features of data hold mode, extreme reading record mode, and energy-saving feature of auto power off. Also, the most-commended accessories that come packed with the device include a tilt stand and velcro straps. Even if you choose to hold it, the meter is easy on the grip.

The best part is the three-year warranty that comes with the meter.(subject to changes in the long run)

  • The display is easy-to-read and has a backlight for introducing further ease.nInput fuse protection.nData holdnType K temperature measurement.
  • Not reliable enough for professionals.

Buyer’s Guide:

The first question is from where you should start after reading these Extech multimeter reviews.

Digital is the more efficient one

You can choose to get an analog multimeter. But if you want superior efficiency and ease of use, go for a digital one.

This multimeter displays readings in digits, unlike its analog counterpart which uses a pointer to tell the right measurement of current or voltage. As we can see, more often than not, digital testers offer a wider range of measurements.

Auto Range Mode versus Manual Ranging Mode

Speaking of the range of measurement that comes with a digital multimeter, we would like to point out that you have to select this range for every appliance you are testing. The more affordable versions require you to manually select the range.Opens in a new tab.

This manual ranging mode results in a loss of efficiency. On the other hand, you can choose multimeters with the auto range mode. As the name depicts, these meters automatically select the range of current or voltage according to the device. It’s a great feature.

Range of Measurement:

The third most sought-after factor in these testers is their range. You can get digital multimeters that start measuring from 0.1 micro Amperes of current. And you can also get those pieces whose range starts from a fraction of a milli-Ampere. It depends on the range in which your target appliance lies.

For most household appliances, the ranges of current, resistance, and voltage are as follows:

Current: 10 µA to 10 A

Voltage: 1mV to 600V

Resistance: 10Ω to 20MΩ

Accuracy Level:

You would also want to ensure the accuracy of these devices. Start with the basic accuracy of current and voltage. The smaller their number is the better the device is. Aim for less than 0.5% error rateOpens in a new tab.. Some multimeters also guarantee less than 0.25% error.

Another feature that enhances accuracy is True RMS. If your device doesn’t exhibit this feature, it is still okay for personal use. However, for professional use, the True RMS feature is a must in multitesters.


Response time is another measure most users should consider before buying a DMM. If your tester is taking seconds in giving you the reading, your productivity will decline sharply.

Temperature Probe:

You may also want your multitester to take the temperature of the equipment to avoid using multiple pieces of equipment on the appliance. At the same time, dual temperature probes are better than a single temperature probe in these devices as the former allows the user to be more focused on other measures of the circuit.

Test Leads:

A multimeter may have both (±)V (voltage measurement), ohms, AC voltage, resistance, and continuity measurements among its functions. All of these measurements use various combinations of the test leads to take readings. There are many different types of test leads that you can purchase at an electronics store. The Extech multimeters do come with test leads.

After all, your test leads are an integral part of measuring what’s going on with a device!


Another optional feature to enhancing the efficiency of a multimeter is its hold function. If your tester can record the readings it has recently taken, you will be exempt from taking notes after every reading. This feature makes sure that your data is accessible as soon as you are ready to analyze the appliance’s performance.


Basically, multimeters are meant to measure current and voltage. However, with time, they have evolved to measure other factors also. These functions can include resistance, capacitance, continuity, and frequency, having a low battery indicator, etc. You can switch between different modes with the help of a mode button.

If you get these measurements in an affordable multimeter, don’t decline them. They will help you a lot in the long-run.

Final Thoughts:

So, you are in the market to buy a multimeter. But you are confused – which one will fulfill your measurement needs? Which one is most suitable for your expertise level? Which one has a convenient mode button for different functions? And which one offers the best variety of features for household buyers? You have tens of questions. And the first question is from where you should start.

Reading the buyer’s guide above for the Extech multimeter reviews will help you solve most of the problems that people encounter while getting a multimeter for themselves.

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