Fluke 324 True RMS Clamp Meter In-depth Review – 2022


So, you want to keep your home’s electrical maintenance in safe hands? What’s better for it than to do it yourself with authentic and accurate testing and diagnostic devices?

Or maybe you are working in the electrical field where you have to identify the major problems in circuitry and you are working for hours for it?

Or you can be at a time in your career where getting a clamp meterOpens in a new tab. upgrade has become a hard-earned necessity! And now you need a right clamp meter that can provide the accuracy that has become a demand from the work.

Did you ever face the problem of troubleshooting at your workplace? And you got stuck in it? You didn’t come to know where the problem was and what to do with it?

Maybe your old one is not capable to take an accurate measurement

And fails at troubleshooting…!

Just go and get a fluke clamp meter and find out where the actual problem lies.

What Is a Clamp Meter?

A clamp meter is an electrical instrument that is a combination of a simple digital multimeter along with a current sensor jaw.

Clamps measure current. Probes measure voltage. With its hinged jaws, a technician can easily clamp the jaw around a cable, wire, and other conductors in an electrical system at any point, so that it can measure current and voltage without any discontinuity.  

There are two reasons to like clamp meters:

Ease – There is no need to shut off the circuit or cut off the wire floating current while taking measurements. Just place its jaw around the wire while taking measurements.

Safety – Just because you don’t have to cut the wire, you get an automatic immunity against current and shocks. The clamps clamp around the wire and take the measurement, decreasing the likelihood of leaking current. 


Fluke manufactures quality devices for user ease, it works well in tight and compact places. Where other clamp meters fail to reach the wire and panels, fluke makes it possible to reach there. Its core strength is noiseless reading and ergonomic designs.

It understands the workspace before designing its products to take accurate and noiseless readings. This careful analysis leads to the ergonomic device as to how we hold it and check measurements.

It can easily identify the presence of current, AC voltage and circuit continuity, fuses, and contacts.

It works for hours, with speed, accuracy, and reliability. Count on it to never hang up while working.

Fluke 324 is another ambassador of this brand.

Fluke 324 is mainly designed for the industrial area. All the professionals want this clamp meter because it’s all in one. It works in all fields whether it’s electrical, HVAC, or technical. As well as it is excellent for residential use. You can check the continuity of circuits, switches, outlets, fuse, motors, AC, refrigerators, and more. It is also used for repairing and maintenance.

Product nameImageFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3Price
Fluke 324Robust designSafetyAudible continuity sensorClick Here for PriceOpens in a new tab.

Fluke 324

Fluke, a well-known brand with the name of trust and with products that are known as a workhorse, is truly a workhorse in the electrical and industrial fields. This particular device is designed for users’ ease as it works well in tight and compact places where other clamp meters fail to reach. It’s its wire cables and panels that make it possible to reach there. The company exercises a thorough understanding of the workspaces and its designs reflect this understanding.

Fluke 324 true RMS Clamp Meter is a robust multimeter best for troubleshooting with its vast features best for highly professional electricians. The capacities of Fluke 324 include identifying the presence of the current in circuits and measuring AC current, AC voltage, fuse and switches, circuit continuity, and contacts.

You can also rely on Fluke 324 to provide accurate measurements of AC voltage and current on non-linear signals.

Here are some features of fluke 324 that you must know.

Robust Design

The first you will notice about the device is its design. Believe me, this is the first feature that will make you fall in love with your upcoming HVAC troubleshooting companion. The case is rugged so you can rely on it to stay with you even after numerous falls.

But that’s not just its durable feel that attracts the customer. It’s also its slim body. Just like other devices in the same series of Fluke, Fluke 324 carries a slim design. It is light and ready for the grab-and-go type of operations.

Another plus point of the same feature of slimness is its ability to intervene in places that are more compact than regular electrical systems. It conveniently enters the space and clamps on the wires to take readings.

The single rotary dial makes the use even easier. All you have to do is choose the feature using a rotary dial to get started.

Portable Device

 Fluke 324 is a small, slim, handy, easy to take a firm grip in a one-hand device that can take less space in your toolbox or briefcase and is easy to transport anywhere with you at your work or your home.

Did I mention it only weighs around 11 ounces? Yes, it’s that light!

User Friendly

Fluke 324 clamp meter is very simple, easy to understand all functions, and easy to use. Rather it is used by a professional or by a beginner. All functions are well defined and easy to operate; you just have to switch the function and take the measurement.

In addition to the rotary dial, you get prominently labeled electric elements which you can choose. You don’t have to mess around to find the relevant element out of different labels for elements and ranges.

Large LED Display

In clamp meters, there is always a give-and-take relationship between slimness and display size. After all, the two features are inversely proportional. In this model, the designer has cleverly kept the display size large against the size of the clamp meter.

An LED backlight makes the reading process even more comfortable. Did we say the company knows a thing or two about electrical systems designs and operations?!

Data Hold Function

 It also has a hold button which has 23kb flash memory and 1 kb RAM, the flash contain operating code, and RAM store the calculating data so 

you can save or store the last measurement value after disconnecting the clamp from the wire.


Fluke 324 is a reliable clamp meter that is specially designed for the industrial area. It fulfills all the safety features which have to be in a good clamp meter and works properly in the field and helps to keep you safe. It is CAT III up to 600V and CAT IV up to 300V safety rated certified which ensures your safety.

The former of these safety categories allows the users to use the device for all residential installations. Check electric elements within switches, circuit breakers, and wiring. The latter makes it feasible for commercial-level installations. Some examples include power lines underground utility vaults.

Note that, for each of these categories, you have to only use the device for installations at the lower end of shock risk.

True RMS Clamp Meter

Fluke 324 is a true RMS clamp meter which is the symbol of accuracy, it can measure the heating power of an applied voltage, and it can measure ac voltage or alternating current. It can accurately measure a sinusoidal wave which is a smooth sine wave without any distortion with peak value, as well as with non-sinusoidal waves which have irregular patterns, square or in triangle form.

Including detection and measurement of both waveforms ensures accuracy.

Audible Continuity Sensor

With the feature of an audible continuity sensor fluke 324 senses the live line and circuitry which conduct electricity without touching the wire. Its wide jaw conducts electricity up to 30 millimeters without interrupting the circuit.

Now you don’t have to look for light signals. The continuity indication is loud enough for you to hear it during the testing phase making the process more efficient eventually.

Temperature and Capacitances

Those who have used Fluke 323 before would appreciate the added advantage that comes with Fluke 324. These include its capacities to test temperature and capacitance with the same small and slim frame that made the highlight of the previous model.

The temperature measurement depends on K-type thermocouple leads – I know, the usual. These leads would measure ventilators, AC ducts, and capacitors. Also, use the same probes to 

measure refrigeration cooling and indoor room heating temperature.

Fluke 324 Applications

So, the clamp meter offers all the usual features that are offered in any other similar device with the added advantages of reliability, durability, portability, and ease of use. But these features have to apply to a specific set of electrical issues, right?

What are those scenarios that best use this device?

Where will you use it?

And what ranges make it more suitable for certain settings?

We shall discuss these details in the following paragraphs.


Fluke 324 is a strong troubleshooting and maintenance device like its counterpart fluke 325.Opens in a new tab.

Its safety category, slim design, and relevant range help it to deal with troubleshooting and maintenance of heavy machines and circuitry in all fields and industries.

Start with finding out the problem as well as the location of the problem. Once the detection phase is complete – thanks to the smart device, you have to use these pieces of information to devise a solution including finding the right replacement parts and the kind of maintenance you will offer at the time and afterward.

Oh, and you can depend on its accuracy and safety while achieving these solutions.

The Adequate Testing Partner for HVAC Services

An HVAC clamp meter should have a lower and higher range, which depends on testing as well as it is a multi-functional multimeter that measures voltage, current, resistance, milliamps, capacitance, moreover it also measure temperature which is the main feature for working in HVAC services, fluke 324 measure temperatures variations, and helps to maintain and troubleshooting.

All the electricians, HVAC technicians required this kind of diagnostic tool for their working field especially in HVAC services. It’s ideal for electrical wires and motors.

Commercial and Residential Use


Fluke 324 measures AC up to 400A, AC/DC voltage up to 600V, resistance up to 40KΩ with audible continuity deduction, temperature and capacitance up to 400-degree centigrade, moreover as it already mentions that it is true RMS clamp meter which measures AC voltage for accurate measurement on non-linear loads.

What Is In The Box?

Fluke 324 is coming up with 1 pair of TL75 test leads, k-type thermocouple, 2 AAA batteries, a soft case in which you can take all the accessories with you when you want to take it in your field area, and a quick reference guide so that you should know how to operate and use it.

The included soft case begs preferential mention as it keeps the tools organized and enhances portability.

Also, you get a reference guide to support you if you are a beginner or get stuck with any function as a pro. By the way, I doubt that you would need any guidance given the interface is easy and everything can be learned instantly.

TL75 Test Leads

Did I mention that the test leads included within the package are TL75? These leads demand standalone mention because of their importance.

Use them as both test leads and probes. They not only fit perfectly with this set of clamp meters but also allow you to replace test leads for other clamp meters.

What’s more, is how they enhance the accuracy and safety of the testing process. Yes, I am talking about their PVC insulation.

And they are a set of easy-grip probes as well.

Although ergonomic and perfectly fit for the clamp meter, the probes are difficult to attach to the circuit. Plus, they are positioned at the rear end making them difficult to attach and detach.

For most users, however, this problem is easy to bypass by keeping a spare set of test leads.

Fluke TL75 test leads set is CAT II 1000V, 10A rated, and when its use with its protected caps its rating boosts up to CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V.

If you want to enhance its capabilities more in measurements use the alligator clips or adopter with it.

For those sets of leads that endure for long, the accuracy level is high. They are better than most other two-in-one leads of a similar kind.


This is the last piece of information you would need for this device, believe me. After all, the accuracy and durability of the device would prevent you from regretting your decision or asking for repairs. Still, the company offers up to 2 years of warranty.

The Only Issue…

From body to use to accessories and measurement variety, this fluke works well for most residential and commercial applications. It is especially adequate for testing and diagnosis.

Like every product that we ever come across, this one is also far from perfect. Thankfully, the fault doesn’t lie in the principal product rather you get it in accessory.

More specifically, its test leads and their positioning are less than ideal. And the combination makes the test leads prone to damage. The users should keep an extra pair of these leads at hand to ensure no delay in work on the job site.

Take Away

This is the simple, basic, and highly accurate True RMS clamp meter that works in most commercial and residential settings. DIYers and professionals both use it in their relevant settings. It can be your entry-level clamp meter because of how easy it is to use.

And if you are upgrading your device because you want to include temperature measurements on top of current and voltage testing, this meter will make a good choice.

It’s a quick choice. Keep it packed and rush to the job site while only grabbing the case which is both light and handy. This quick-fix makes it perfect for most jobs that don’t require intensive testing or involve higher risks.

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