Fluke 325 Review- Clamp Multimeter Guide (2022)

Fluke 325 is one of the leading models of the Fluke 320 series. It has the best feature-set that helps electricians and plant maintenance engineers perform daily tests or measurements. This clamp meter can measure AC/DC amperage up to 400A which is a lot more than an average multimeter.

Due to its compact structure, you can enjoy the benefits of this tool for years. High current, voltage, frequency, continuity, resistance, temperature, and capacitance are the values you can measure through this True RMS clamp meter.

In this fluke 325 review, we have taken a wide-angle approach to scrutinize this useful tool, including its key features, pros, cons, and everything you need to know. Before moving ahead and discussing the tool in detail, let’s first understand why Fluke is considered a leading company.


Fluke is an America-based company founded in 1948. Since then, it has been producing premium-quality diagnostic and measurement tools like electronic test tools. This multi-national company is well-known for the accuracy, durability, ease of use, and safety of its equipment.

They produce several models of multimetersOpens in a new tab., clamp meters, and similar equipment to help the electricians, technicians, and engineers get reliable measurements without any trouble. Their different models Opens in a new tab.offer different features. People select them on the basis of their needs.  

Fluke introduced its 320 series that has a range of clamp meters. This series has 323, 324, and 325 clamp meters that can help with residential, HVAC/R, and commercial use.

Product nameImageFeature 1Feature 2Feature 3Price
Fluke 325 True RMS Clamp Meter
Efficient troubleshootingAccurate measurementsResistance range is up to 40 kiloohms
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Fluke 325 True RMS Clamp Meter

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Fluke 325 has all the features along with optimized ergonomics that an electrician or technician would need for troubleshooting. One of its most liked features is its hinged joint. You can clamp it around a wire or conductor to measure current without any contact with the wire or conductor.

Commercial and residential electricians use it to test circuits, measure voltage of wires, wiring currents with a clamp-on ammeter. The Fluke 325 has an amazing 600 V AC and DC voltage range.

The basic measurements that a technician usually needs to make include AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, frequency, resistance, capacitance, continuity, and temperature. Fluke 325 true rms clamp meter allows measuring all these values in different ranges. So, you will not have to take different tools with you for each measurement when you have this all in one tool.

It is a True RMS (root mean square) clamp meter which means you can measure AC voltages through it. True RMS AC voltage and current tools give a more accurate voltage value than the average RMS tools no matter which waveform they measure. Accurate measurements obtained through this tool also save the commercial and residential electricians a lot of time since not everyone has time to take the RMS of every reading separately.

Fluke 325 comes as a multicolor body that is slim and sturdy. It will take only a small space in your tool kit. It also feels comfortable in the hand and you can operate it with a single hand. You can test batteries, transistors, circuits, and other electrical components at home, schools hospitals, and similar commercial places. It can also be helpful for light industrial measurements.

The Fluke 325 is a great device for measuring true RMS measurements. It’s easy to use and it has an automatic sensor hold function that lets you measure the inrush without putting in a lot of physical effort.

Key features

Below are the main features of Fluke 325 true RMS clamp meter that distinguish it from other Fluke clamp meters.

  • Can measure AC/DC voltage up to 600V
  • Measures AC/DC current up to 400A
  • Resistance range is up to 40 kiloohms
  • Measures frequency from 5 hertz to 500 hertz
  • Measures temperature from -10 degree Celsius to 400 degree Celsius
  • Rated CAT IVOpens in a new tab. at 300V
  • True RMS for accurate measurements.
  • Offers min/max and screen hold features
  • Size is 9.49 x 4.21 x 2.72 inches
  • Weighs 10.41 ounces
  • Efficient troubleshooting.
  • Measures AC/DC current up to 400
  • Offers hold function along with many different other functions. You will have to carry fewer tools along your way.
  • Clear display with a backlight along with an ergonomic design
  • CAT IV safety rating. Safety rating ensures you are buying the best product.
  • Easy to carry and use due to compact body form
  • Comes with a soft carrying case
  • Less erroneous readings with the true rms.
  • Clamps test only one wire at a timen
  • Tool is expensiven Resolution of display could be improved
  • The non-silicone test leads could be upgraded to silicone ones.

Body and construction

Fluke 325 true RMS clamp meter is made up of high-quality plastic due to which its body is durable and can tolerate the effects of accidental falls. It is small in size and lightweight. So, carrying this versatile troubleshooting tool around does not cause any trouble. The main components of the Fluke 325 clamp meter are described below.

Rotating dial

It is smooth and well labeled. The manufacturers built it at the side to let the operator handle it with the only thumb. You can select seven different options by rotating this dial. These options from top to bottom are frequency, amperage, temperature, continuity, resistance, voltage, and turn off.


Fluke 325 true rms clamp meter has four smooth buttons for different purposes. One is a hold button that is beside the rotating dial. It can hold the measurement until you write it down on paper wherever you want to. The other three buttons are at the bottom of the body. They are for backlight, min/max, and AC/DC.


It has two lead plugs placed at the bottom. A thermocouple plug is also inserted in the plugs that are used for probe leads.

Hinged current-sensing jaw

Fluke 325 true rms clamp meter’s jaw has a standard size (33mm). The jaw has a plastic covering but inside the covering, it has ferrite iron wrapped by copper wire. You can clamp this jaw around a conductor or a wire and measure current without having direct contact with the wire.


Multimeters and clamp meters are sensitive devices. They are used for measuring current etc. of different circuits, appliances, etc. Safety of operator is highly important as a poorly protected tool can put the like of user at risk.

Fluke takes the protection and safety of users very seriously. Its tools are tested and made sure to be safe for the user before they are made available in the market.

CAT IV rating

There are four categories used to describe the protection multimeters etc. offer. CAT-IV category offers the highest protection and safety. CAT-IV-rated tools can measure circuit breakers, socket outlets, motor, and panelboard, etc.

Fluke 325 is rated CAT-IV at 300V and CAT-III at 1,000V. It is safe for commercial as well as domestic use. You can also use it for light industrial measurements.  

Surge protection

Surge protection provides protection against the spikes in voltage in AC circuits. Fluke 325 has a 9 kV surge protection rating which keeps the user safe from shocks.  


Fluke 325 has a large and clear screen that displays readings neatly. Its resolution is not very high like some other tools but still, the user can easily read the values. It is 4,000-count and 0.01A is the least value it can show.

It comes with a white and bright backlight. Electricians and technicians find this backlight very helpful while working in dark areas. There is a separate button for turning the backlight on and off.


Fluke 325 true rms clamp meter offers a multitude of functions. You do not have to buy different tools for measuring different values. This multi-purpose tool is sufficient for making standard measurements. It runs on AAA batteries. These batteries are inexpensive as compared to the 9V batteries that common clamp meters need. Therefore, you will not have to worry about buying costly batteries to operate the tool.

Test Leads

Test leads are an important component of a multimeter. They provide the connection between the device and what is being tested, and they also help to protect against electrical shock in case something should go wrong.

It’s a good idea to have at least one spare set of these around because if you break or lose one during testing, then you’re out of luck until you can find another set! They also function as probes in electrical testing, such as continuity tests and insulation resistance tests. In order for them to work properly, they must be compatible with your multimeter’s voltage range and connection style.

For example, a common problem is when you try to use test leads from a three-pronged device on a two-pronged device because the ground wire will not touch any of the other wires. The most important thing is safety; always make sure your hands don’t come into contact with any live wires before touching anything else!

If you’re a person who works in the electronics industry, then you know that silicone test leads are better than their non-silicone counterparts.

Non-silicone test leads can’t be bent or twisted without breaking and they have low durability. These two factors make them less desirable for technicians who need to use tools every day. Silicone test leads are flexible and durable so they don’t break as easily when being used with other tools.

With silicone test leads, there is no risk of damaging the component being tested because it won’t snap off like a non-silicone one would if subjected to too much pressure. But the Fluke 325 comes with non-silicone test leads.

Resistance Range

The resistance range of the Fluke 325 multimeter is O to 400.0 Ω. The range of a multimeter is an important characteristic to consider when using it. This range is often overlooked by technicians when measuring voltage, current, and resistance. The multimeter’s resistance range determines how accurately it can measure low resistances.

AC/DC voltage

Fluke 325 true rms clamp meter measures DC Opens in a new tab.(direct current) and ACOpens in a new tab. (alternative current) voltage. DC is the flow of current in the same direction while AC is the current that reverses its direction with time.

Fluke 325 can measure AC/DC voltage up to 600V which is the standard measurement range required by electricians for day-to-day measurements. The accuracy of its DC volt measurement is 1.0% ± 5 digits and its 1.5% ± 5 digits for AC volts. The Fluke 325 makes measuring ac voltage super simple with its handy user interface, but that doesn’t mean this portable multi-meter lacks accuracy-the readings are incredibly precise!

AC/DC current

It can measure AC/DC current, too. Its minimum current range is 40A while the maximum current range is 400A. The accuracy of its current measurement is 2% ± 5 digits. 400 A DC current range is easy measurement to obtain if you have a Fluke 325!

Others measurements

Apart from measuring the true rms AC voltage, you can use it for measuring temperature as well. The clamp meter comes with a thermocouple whose lead goes in the plugs used for probe leads. Its range of temperature is -10.0 degrees Celsius to 400.0 degrees Celsius or 14.0 Fahrenheit to 752.0 Fahrenheit.

Its frequency range is 5.0 hertz to 500.0 hertz. Similarly, the range of capacitance is 0 to 100.0 μF / 100μF to 1000 μF. It has a data hold feature. So, if you do not have a paper to note down the readings, you can simply press the data hold button to keep the reading save until you want it to.

It also has a max/min button which you can use to view the maximum, minimum, and average values on the screen. To activate max/min mode, you can simply press the button, and to inactivate it, press the button again.

It is a True-RMS tool which means the measurements recorded though are reliable as compared to the measurements provided by an average RMS tool. Professional technicians, who take critical measurements several times a day, find this feature very beneficial.

Additional accessories

Fluke 325 true rms clamp meter comes with some additional accessories. These accessories help in its day to day use. It comes with two AAA batteries that this tool requires to function. There is a soft carry bag that other brands often do not provide.

This bag keeps it safe and makes its portability easier. It also comes with good quality test leads. There is also an easy-to-understand manual in the package. The same manual is also available on their website. You can download its PDF from there.

Manual is written in simple and easy language so even if you are a beginner you will not have much trouble in understanding it.


Fluke 325 is a sturdy and reliable tool that commercial and residential electricians can use for many years to come. It comes with a soft case to keep it protected from its surroundings. It is lightweight and fits well in the palm of the hand.

Fluke 325 is True RMS which gives technicians and electricians the confidence that the measurements they take are very much accurate. It offers all the features that are required for day-to-day testing at the commercial and domestic levels.

When you buy it after reading the Fluke 325 review, you’re getting one of the best tools on the market. It’s ideal for anyone who works with electrical systems and has to handle low voltage testing. With this device, it’s easy to detect problems that can

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