Klein Multimeter Reviews- Guide & Comparison in 2023

Klein is an America-based company producing hand tools like multimeters for more than a century. Its tools are well-known for being affordable, sturdy, and reliable.

If you are looking for a multimeter that has standard features and is pocket-friendly, then Klein multimeters are the right choice for you. Below are the four top Klein multimeter reviews in detail. These reviews will help you understand the difference in their features and choose the multimeterOpens in a new tab. that meets your needs the best.

Product nameImageFeature 1 Feature 2Price
Klein MM4001 year warranty Diode testerClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Klein MM700True RMS digital multimeter4000 count displayClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Klein ET600Auto-off featureDurable and robustClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.
Klein MM600Voltage up to 1,000VResists effects of 2m fallsClick here for priceOpens in a new tab.

Klein MM400- One of the best Klein tools you’ll ever see

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MM400 is a very affordable piece that comes with different measurement options. You can check AC/DC current values, voltage, frequency, resistance, temperature, continuity, and duty cycle. It also offers a diode checking feature.

It requires inexpensive batteries to get started as compared to the expensive 9V batteries. The range of some of its values (measure capacitance only up to 200µF) is comparatively smaller.

But it is still very good for its low price. Continuity is auto-ranging, and it has a beeper. Temperature is measured in Fahrenheit or degrees Celsius. As the range of its values is small, it is good to check the power of batteries, sockets, and switches and do similar tests.

You can also read our take on Klein MM400 vs MM600 here.Opens in a new tab.

Key features

  • AC/DC voltage up to 600V
  • AC/DC amperage up to 10A
  • Diode tester
  • Rated CAT III at 600V
  • Clear 4,000 count LCD with backlight
  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries, leads, a manual, and a thermocouple
  • 1-year warranty
  • Auto-ranging digital multimeter
  • Low battery indicator

Construction and design

The construction material of MM400 is good-quality and robust plastic. It can resist 1m falls that happen accidentally. Its design is compact, so users can carry it in hand quickly. It can also be stored in small toolkits.

The rotating dial is large in size, which makes single-handed use possible. There are four buttons for different purposes. They are smooth and have clear labeling. Three ports with clear signs and labeling make the insertion of leads simple and convenient.

A rubber holster, a stand, and rubber feet add protection. Its robust construction makes it a quality instrument for electricians and hobbyists.

Safety and display

Klein digital multimeters are designed to keep in mind the safety of the operators. Klein MM400 is rated as CAT III at 600 volts. It will not harm you. You will be able to use it without any worry. It also has two fuses for input protection.

The 4,000 count display gives precise readings, but sometimes values may get hard to read when viewed from a certain angle. The display has a decent size. You can use the backlight to view the screen while working in a dark place.


Klein MM400 digital meter takes a bit more time to measure and display values on the screen. If that is something you can tolerate, then this affordable multimeter is a good choice.

Otherwise, you will have to move to expensive brands like Fluke. It provides an auto as well as a manual range setting feature. Another beneficial feature is data hold.

The batteries that are used to run it are not very long-lasting. But the good thing is there is a low battery indicator to alert you before the battery entirely goes down.

Also, its auto-off ability will assist you in saving the battery and increasing its life. It will automatically auto shut if it is not used for 15 minutes straight.

  • Well-built, sturdy body framen Has low battery level indicatorn Comes with a thermocouple for temperature measurementsn Economic pricenAuto shut
  • Not a True RMS instrumentn Not good for testing sensitive electronicsn Carry case not included

Klein MM700- Second in our list of the best Klein tools

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Klein MM700 is a multifunctional tool with various accessories at a very reasonable price. It is suitable for domestic as well as workplace use. The electricians create Klein tools, which have almost all the standard multimeter features.

This digital multimeter can measure AC/DC voltage, amperage, temperature, resistance, frequency, continuity, duty-cycle, and diodes testing. It is auto-ranging which could save you time while working on tools. A manual ranging option is also available. It operates with two batteries.

The battery compartment is easily accessible, and two fuses are also placed in this compartment.

It has great features but sometimes lags, which may irritate you when you are busy and do not have time to wait for the readings to appear on the screen. Then again, it is inexpensive.

Key features

  • AC/DC voltage up to 1,000V
  • AC/DC amperage up to 10A
  • Diode tester
  • Rated CAT IV at 600V
  • Bright 4,000 count LCD
  • True RMS digital multimeter
  • Can resist the effects of a 2m drop
  • Comes with 2 batteries, alligator clips, test leads, a thermocouple, carrying bag

Construction and design

As the electricians build it, it is built by keeping in mind all requirements of the electricians. Its body is strong with a rubber covering. The construction material is durable, so it can survive 2-meter falls. The protection of IP40 makes it suitable for outdoor use as it protects it from water and dust.

Klein multimeter MM700 is meaty and neat construction. It feels good and comfortable in hand. It is also lightweight.

There is a stand behind the battery compartment. You can fix it at different angles for your convenience. Fuses and batteries are in the same compartment, so you can access them without even removing the casing.


Its 4,000-count display is large and clear. There is a backlight to use when you are working in the dark. The screen displays clear numbers, but when viewed from a certain angle (particularly from the top), the numbers look faded. With the backlight turned on, the number gets hard to read.  


It has a 10A fuse and a 500mA fuse that offer excellent protection to this tool. It is also CAT IV tested at 600V or CAT III tested at 1,000V. Its IP40 protection gives it safety against dirt and water.


You can measure standard values at a standard range by using this multimeter. It offers a low impedance mode(LoZ) to avoid false readings due to ghost voltages.

You can even make milliamp, microamp, and millivolt measurements, a feature not available in many multimeters for a professional electrician.

It comes with a thermocouple and adapters. They are used to measure temperatures from 0 to 1,500 Fahrenheit. You can use the auto-hold feature to record readings and write them on paper later.

  • Comes with alligator clips and a thermocouplen Back-lit displayn True RMSn Comfortable in handn InexpensivenLow impedance mode to avoid ghost voltagesnQuality multimetern
  • The quality of test leads could be improvedn Sometimes lags

Klein ET600- The Megohmmeter that every technician loves

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ET600 is a megohmmeter that can produce 125V, 250V, 500V, and 1000V voltages for isolation resistance 4,000 megaohms. The tool is lightweight and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. You can also use it to measure voltage up to 1,000V. Other than that, it measures resistance and continuity.

It requires 6 AA batteries to function. These batteries do not have a long lifespan, so it is better to keep AA batteries with you in case the ones in use turn low.

An auto-off feature is provided to save the battery. This particular multimeter will turn off after a few minutes if it’s not used.

Key features

  • AC/DC voltage up to 1,000V
  • Resistance up to 4,000MÎ
  • CAT-IV tested at 600V for voltage measurements.
  • True RMS
  • Auto-ranging
  • 4,000 count LCD with backlight
  • Comes with 6 AA batteries, leads, alligator clips, carrying bag, user manual
  • 1-year warranty

Construction and design

ET600 has an orange and black body that is made up of good-quality plastic. It makes it durable and robust, with the ability to withstand accidental falls. Its design is neat and helps electricians have a good grip on the tool.

There are five smooth buttons for different purposes; max/min, hold, backlight, etc.  

The rotating dial is smooth and can be used with the thumb of one hand. You can turn it in nine different directions to measure selected values. There is a built-in stand behind the battery compartment.

You can use it for hands-free operation. It can also be used with a magnetic hanger. The battery compartment is easily accessible.


Klein ET600 has a large screen, but its quality is average. It shows clear values and a bar graph. There is a backlight to brighten the screen while working in the dark. The digits or values may become washed out when seen from a specific angle.


It is safe to use as this device is tested CAT IV at 600V and CAT III at 1,000V. Its plastic case keeps the tool protected and safe. It is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use.

A Variety of Functions

It is a go-to device used for troubleshooting and maintenance of wiring and different equipment. It is mainly an insulation resistance tester, but you can also measure voltage, resistance, and continuity by using it.

ET600 has a beeper that starts beeping as soon as it detects the voltage. Its automatic-ranging features may help you save time. It is a true RMS deviceOpens in a new tab., so you can rely on its values and readings.

  • Solid structure
  • Affordable price
  • Reliable readings
  • Comes with warranty
  • The volume of the audio beep is lown
  • Screen quality could be enhanced

Klein MM600- Great Overall Klein Multimeter

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MM600 is an all-around tool that has several features similar to the MM400 and MM700. Actually, it lies somewhere in between these two models. It is good for domestic as well as factory use. However, people interested in measuring higher temperatures and capacitance may not find this tool very helpful.

It is used to measure temperature, AC/DC current and voltage, frequency, continuity, and resistance. Its auto-ranging features will save you time. It also has a manual ranging feature for those who like setting ranges on their own.

Milliamp and microamp values can also be checked. With all these helpful features, you can use this digital multimeter to check motors, light switches, outlets, batteries, and circuit board components.

Key features

  • Voltage up to 1,000V
  • Amperage up to 10A
  • Degree Celsius and Fahrenheit for measuring temperature
  • CAT IV rated at 600V
  • Average RMS
  • Resists effects of 2m falls
  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries, leads, clips, thermocoupleOpens in a new tab., carry bag, and user manual

Construction and design

Like other Klein tools reviewed in this article, Klein MM600 digital multimeter also has a robust and solid structure. So, it will stay with you for years. It can resist the damaging effects of a 2-meter drop that is common while working.

Its case and holster provide more protection to the body. The interface is also easy to understand and neat. The dial is smooth and can be moved with the left-hand thumb. It can be moved to nine different positions to select different values. There are five smooth buttons below the screen. Each button has its own function.


The 4,000-count LCD is of standard quality, not very high resolution. The values appear neat and easy to read. It also has a backlight to enlighten the screen when readings cannot be seen due to darkness in the surrounding.


It is protected and made safe for the day to day electrical use. The body is made up of good-quality plastic that has a rubber covering to provide further protection against accidental falls. It also has standard HRC fuses that keep the circuitry protected and safe. MM600 is rated CAT IV at 600V, making day-to-day usage safe.

Functions including Auto range.

MM600 offers multiple features. Its features like screen hold, max/min, functionality, and relative mode make it more reliable and valuable for electricians. It runs on two batteries.

The auto-off features can help you save battery if you are the kind of person who often forgets to turn such tools off. MM600 auto-ranging multimeter will turn off after 30 minutes of no use.

It has an audible beeper that produces sound when checking continuity. The speed of continuity and auto-range can be troubling as they take time. This is something people who have to perform several tests at a time may find frustrating.

  • Affordable tool
  • Easy to operate
  • Different amperage inputs are available
  • Comes with a thermocouple
  • Auto ranging multimeter
  • Lacks bar graph
  • Slow testing
  • Not true RMS


These Klein multimeters are all-around tools for household and factory testing. All models have their own pros and cons. But their pros outweigh their cons. To select only one of them, first, determine which features you want in your multimeter, e.g., a low battery indicator. Then choose the one that offers the required features.

There’s also another brand of multimeters called Extech, so make sure to check them out here.Opens in a new tab.

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