Top 7 Low Amp Clamp Meters – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide in 2022

Let’s take a look at the best low amp clamp meters we have on our list. Before that, let us read the overview:


A clamp meter is a simple digital multimeterOpens in a new tab. along with a current sensor jaw, which helps to measure electricity, the current, resistance, capacitance, and voltage.

If you want to check out the auto-ignition parasitic battery drain, fuse, current leakage, and other problem you need to buy a low amp clamp meter that can easily find out the leakages and other problems and help to repair them.

Are you worried about having multiple tools in your toolbox for another test?

Then you should not have to worry because there are 8 different clamp meters listed here that can measure low amps as well as can perform other different types of tests such as voltages testing, diode, continuity testing, resistance, frequency, and more.

General technology corp GCT CM 100

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Replace your current clunky, low-amps meter with a streamlined model.

General technology corp GCT CM 100 is a well-designed solid small and handy clamp meter that can easily adjust in a narrow space.

GCT CM 100 can measure AC/DC current from 0.001 up to 100A so it’s the best choice for measuring parasitic draws and helps to find out current leakage, it measures up to 600volts AC/DC voltage.

GCT CM is a time-saving transportable clamp meter that shows you exact output in very little time; you can easily grip it in your hands while taking measurements.

When you are taking measurement first you have to zero it, press zero buttons when you are near live wire or conductors, and then take the measurement.

In vehicles, you can easily find out the tiny issues and their reasons which can be missed by the other clamp meter it can help to resolve those issues.

It can easily measure dc milliamp without locating endpoint with its small narrow ½ inch jaw in less space and small wires, checks fuse, motor, heaters, power lines, and compressor, ideal for finding out

Auto-ignition parasitic battery drains and helps in troubleshooting.

GCT CM 100 has some other features which make it an ideal choice for electricians like audible continuity testing, resistance measurement function, high-resolution display hold, and peak detector.

General technology corp GCT CM 100 gives you a pair of test leads, 2x AAA batteries along with a

The user manual has all the instructions and information about this clamp meter, and a carrying pouch in which you can easily carry the clamp meter and its stuff with you anywhere.

Due to its DC milliamp measuring and all other accurate measurements in surprising response time its cost is much better than other clamp meters which are having all these features.

Overall excellent customer reviews about GCT CM 100 make it more reliable and a perfect choice for automotive field parasitic draws and battery leakages as well as for the technicians.

Triplett 9045 Low Current Clamp Meter with NCV:

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Triplett 9035 is a compact size is a non-contact voltage tester. It’s a high-performance 4000 count clamp meter with a backlit LCD display due to this you can see the display even in dark.

Triplett provides several measuring features in which you can measure 400A AC current, resistance, AC/DC voltage, diode testing, capacitance, continuity, and temperature.

Triplett 9035 outer part is covered with rubber which makes it user-friendly, soft, and firm while holding and drop resistance in design, auto power-off function helps to save its battery along with a low battery indicator which lets you know while clam meter battery is low and need to replace.

It provides great resistance because of its CAT III 600v rating- a design that prevents damage from the overload of voltage in any complex system or circuitry.

Triplett is a portable well design accurate tester best tool for troubleshooting unexplained circuit failure design. Its data hold feature to store and save the last data after disconnecting the circuits. Its audible continuity sensor verifies that this circuit conducts electricity. Its rotator switch is to select the measuring functions.

Triplett 9035 is designed for residential and industrial fields like HVAC services, security, electrical, and IT field. It is a small handy device that can easily fit in your tool bag, so you can take it easy while you are traveling or going to your work.

With this clamp meter, you will find test leads, 9vbattery, temperature probe, and case.

It’s a low amp clamp meter anyone can buy it easily at a very reasonable price. Moreover, its reviews are too good about its design, functions, and accurate performance which make it more reliable.

B&K Precision 316 Mini:

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B&K Precision 316 mini is a digital clamp meter is an auto-ranging, average sensing clamp meter which measures current, resistance, and voltage. The jaw of this clamp meter measures AC/DC current up to 100 amp.

Its jaws clamp around the wire while taking measurements without touching the circuits. A pair of test leads measures AC/DC voltage up to 600 volts and up to10K ohms resistance.

The data hold function of this clamp meter holds and save the last measurement after circuits disconnect which prevents the data loss. There is an audible continuity sensor that senses the current in the circuit. It has a low battery indicator which indicates when the clamp meter battery is about to discharge, so you can replace it.

It can measure sinusoidal waveform current and voltage and measure linear loads like lights and induction motors. It has an auto-range feature so it can select the range according to the measurement which has to be performed.

This clamp meter is featured a peak hold function which saves the peak value of the circuit. Its auto-off function allows the clamp meter to turn off after 30 minutes when it is not in use so it helps to save the battery. Due to its rotary dial, you can select the function which you want to measure and its four-digit LCD display shows you the measurement. It can also display analog waveform results.

B&K Precision 316 mini is a low amp clamp meter that can measure 1mA DC, find battery discharge, power supply, switches, and other electrical equipment faults easily, and helps to repair them as well as it is designed for the research and development, industrial and domestic fields.

It fulfills CAT II installation to 600 volts ratings as well as it’s an international electro technical commission safety certified which ensures your safety while using this clamp meter.

It is a portable well design, small and handy device that can take measurements even in less space, the customer reviews of this clamp meter show authentic quality. It is a good choice for you when you are looking for a low amp clamp meter.

Electronic Specialties 688 Low Current Clamp Meter:

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Electronic specialties 688 is a true RMS clamp meter that measures AC/DC current, resistance, capacitance, AC/DC volts, frequency, and temperature.

It is a true RMS clamp meter along with zero drift stability which helps inaccuracy of the clamp meter.

An Electronic Specialty 688 is a low amp clamp meter ideal for battery testing and parasitic draw it can read down to 1mA so it’s an ideal tool for measuring low amp. 

This clamp meter had wide jaws which are large enough to fit on fat cables and wires. It’s a very good tool for testing gear for a car. It can easily find out the peak value, with minimum/maximum function and its data hold function can save the last measurement of the circuit even after disconnecting it.

It is featured with an auto-off function it can turn off by itself when you did not remember to turn

it off after 30 minutes if the true RMS meter is not in further use. It is a plus point for saving the clamp meter battery.

It arrives with a pair of test leads, a temperature probe, battery, manual for guidance, and a carryings case so you can take it with you easily. It’s an ideal clamp meter for technicians.

The customer reviews of Electronic specialties 688 are very positive, especially in areas of low amp measurements, battery testing, and parasitic draw. Plus, they are satisfied with its large jaws which can easily take measurements through wide cables and wires.

Extech 380950 Mini:

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Extech 380950 Mini is a digital clamp meter whose clamp jaws are small enough to measure very thin wires and cords that cannot be measured by many other clamp meters. It can easily clamp around the thin wire in narrow and tight spaces.

ExtechOpens in a new tab. 380950 is featured with 4000 counts display, providing 1mA resolution with low sensitivity of current. It allows you to measure AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage moreover it measures frequency, resistance, duty cycle, capacitance, and continuity. Because of that, you don’t have to take your whole toolbox with you for all these measurements.

It is a light weighted well design robust clamp meter which is small in size so you can fit in your toolbox or take it anywhere easily whether you want to take it in the field or you want to use it for your vehicles’ or home appliances.

Extech 380950 is an ideal low current clamp meter for troubleshooting in plant maintenance, HVAC services, electrical field, marine, automotive, telecom field, fleet maintenance, residential, and motorcycle electrical repair all those problems may not be deduced by other high rated clamp meters. 

It has a single rotary dial on which you can easily switch the function for taking the required measurement. Moreover, it has a hold function so it can hold the measurement. In turn, it allows you to take accurate measurements. Plus, it is an auto-off clamp meter a feature that helps to save its battery.

By having Extech380950 you will get 2 AAA batteries, a pair of test leads, along with a carrying case so it would be easy for you to take this clamp meter with you to your workplace, field, or your office.

Generally, customer reviews are very clear and positive they love to use it for their DIY work or in their professional field. Its accuracy and quick range selection functions, LCD display, low amp measurement, device quality, and multi-functionality are those features that they like most. That’s why Extech 380950 is listed in a low amp clamp meter.

Extech 380941:

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Extech 380941 is a digital mini clamp meter that measures up to200 AC/DC amps. It has a small jaw that is specially designed for those wires or circuits which are established in very less or narrow space that gives 10mAresolution and very little current sensitivity. This clamp meter is very helpful in troubleshooting tasks in HVAC services, plant maintenance, telecom field, motorcycle repair as well as in all industrial and residential areas.

Extech 380941 comes up with minimalist design and functions. All the functions can be operated by a single dial you can simply switch the dial for the required measurement. There is a zero button. After pushing it the clamp meter is ready to take DC current measurements. It can measure voltages, frequency, and continuity functions as well, which means there is no need to take different tools with you for all these measurements.

It is well designed to fulfill safety ratings. There is an additional 3-prong AC lines partition which ensures you that you can easily measure power cables with molded plugs.

Extech 380941 fulfills CAT III 300 volts safety ratings so you don’t have to worry about safety while using this device. It comes along with one year warranty. It is a good choice for you if you want a low amp clamp meter for your daily use because of its safety and its simple functions as well as because of its accuracy and troubleshooting. 

In conclusion, all the reviews are very encouraging. They like its simplicity, design and structure, variety of functions, display, safety ratings, and accurate measurements. Its low amps measurements are a plus point they work for their battery and draws.

ESI 695 AC/DC Low Current Probe:

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ESI 695 is AC/DC low current probe that works with many lab scopes and other modern digital multimeters which have a millivolts range as well as the banana plug connector (most digital multimeters have this), the current amp switches the amp range in the volts so you can read the output on your digital Multimeter.

ESI 695 probe can measure 0.1amps to 80 amps so it can measure parasitic drain testing accurately.

You can use it with a graphing meter for taking output in the graphical current waveform for indicative examination by fuel ignition, primary ignition coils, fuel pumps, and more.

You can measure fuel pump current by using this probe with picoscope its output is 100v per amp, so you can set the voltage range with that. The time is clear then set it with the typical fuel injector pattern.

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Its jaw opening clamp is ½ inches which works on most negative batteries cable and finds out the actual problem.ESI 695 probe has a low voltage indicator which indicates when it battery is about to discharge along with the auto power-off function when the probe is not in use for 30 minutes. 

Reviews of the ESI 695 probe are excellent, customer give good remarks about this probe in automotive fields as well as they like its auto shut-off function. 

ESI 687 80 Amps DC/AC Low Current Probe Digital Multimeter:

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ESI 687 low current probe DMM is a clamp meter it is a great tool that measures 10 different testing functions like current up to 80A, voltages 600V, resistance up to 40M, frequency 10MHz, diode testing, duty cycle, and continuity testing with audible beep.

ESI 687 probe DMM featured auto-ranging, data hold which can hold the output data of your measurement after disconnecting clamp with the circuit, continuity with audible beep while the circuit is live, overload protection, and clamp opening 5/8 inches which are sufficient to fits over most of the negative battery cables.

ESI687 can be used for testing fuel injectors, electric motors, charging systems, battery drain, and fuel pumps.   

To measure low amp down to 1milliamp, ESI687 is an ideal tool, especially for locating parasitic drains.

While taking the measurements first you have to push zero near the location which you are about to measure. It can check the car fuse easily you just have to pull the fuse and insert the adaptor in the fuse socket put the car fuse in the adopter and clip the wire loop with the device to measure the flowing current in it.

It can easily find out the current leakage in your house wiring, it comes with a complete package with 9 volts battery and a carrying case. 

It’s a simple, easy-to-use and understood, handy, and accurate multimeter at a low price. The customer’s reviews about this clamp meter are very encouraging, they like its design, accuracy, simple function, and best choice for parasitic drains testing.

Buyer’s Guide

With a low current clamp meter, you can measure just about any type of electricity. Even in modern times, it’s common and useful for people who work with electricity all day long!

True RMS feature:

Clamp meters are a standard tool for electricians, but have you ever wondered what the true RMS means? True RMS is a feature that’s on most digital clamp meters. It stands for Root Mean Square and it tells you how much power your circuit carries at any given moment in time. This measurement is more accurate than an average reading because not only is the peak value is taken into consideration but also the time between peaks.

Wrap up:

All the clamp meters which are described in this article are highly impressive because of their qualities, features, and performance, which perform measurements accurately and fulfill the safety ratings. All clamp meters are multi-functional measuring voltage, resistance, diode testing, duty cycle, and frequency, and all have the common feature of low amp measurements.

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